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Stephensons is an independent, family run catering equipment supplier with over 140 years experience of the catering and hospitality industry.

We are suppliers of the sourcing and supply of restaurant and bar equipment, light kitchen catering equipment, janitorial products, paper and disposables. We have the largest catering equipment Showroom and Cash & Carry in the North West.

Please don't hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 0161 483 6256 if you have any questions.

Largest Catering Equipment Cash & Carry in The North

Our Extensive Cash & Carry with over 5,000 stocked products allows you to come and visit us during business hours. Feel free to shop around, enjoy a cup of coffee and make your purchases.

Our catering supplies showroom is an ideal way to gain inspiration for new ideas by being able to actually see, touch and feel the latest innovative catering products on the market.

Opening Times

Monday 9am-5:30pm
Tuesday 9am-5:30pm
Wednesday 9am-5:30pm
Thursday 9am-5:30pm
Friday 9am-5:30pm
Saturday 9:30am-3pm
Sunday Closed


There is a wide variety of disposable items available, such as salad boxes, napkins, foam and paper plates and cups, plastic and wooden cutlery, plastic glassware, foam trays and straws, all of which make up the core list of key disposables we supply to our caterer, hotelier, publican, and restaurateur customers.

Disposable catering products can provide a perfect solution, especially for those "on the go". For those in need of hot drink cups, why not take a look at our selection of triple wall ripple cups, which offer superior insulation and grip.


Choosing tableware for any establishment is an important decision. The right choice can heighten your customers' experience and set the ambiance for the perfect dining experience.

The quality and visual appeal of crockery can help bring restaurants, bars and hotels to life. Be sure to select a crockery set that works with your current design scheme, but is also versatile enough to compliment changing decor.

Adding a few contemporary pieces of crockery to a traditional fully matched set can provide an instant update, remember that whilst coloured crockery offers a break from traditional white, if your intention is to highlight food, use a soft, muted palette.

Whether you are after simple porcelain, vitrified hotelware or the finest china, Stephensons varied range can meet all crockery needs. From blue willow cups and saucers ideal for a spot of afternoon tea, to rustic dishes perfect for Mediterranean cuisine, we stock an assortment of quality mugs, pots, plates and bowls, all at the very best prices.

Front of House

With the majority of customers now expecting a meal-out to be an experience beyond just great food, it is vital to think of a plate of food like a painting and strive to create a pleasing arrangement. It has been suggested that how food is presented, arranged and garnished can actually affect how we think the food tastes.

Whether serving fish and chips from chic appetizer cones, breads and dips from elegant presentation boards, or desert from premium quality slate for a stylish rustic appearance, how you present your cuisine is of utmost importance.

Stephensons has a wide variety of quality front of house products to make sure your establishment always looks the part, without affecting practicality. We have everything you need to produce memorable food presentation, from high-quality traditional woodware to beverage dispensers, cake displays and refined porcelain trays, dishes and bowls.


It's important to offer your clientele the right glass to compliment their choice of beverage. Always match the type of glass to the drink, for example, red wine should be served in glasses with a large bowl, white wine in smaller glasses and sparkling drinks in narrow flutes, as the classic shape stresses the bubbles, which burst at the tip of the lips rather than in the glass. For those in need of cutting-edge stemware, our Riedel range boasts the highest level of innovation and machine blown glass to ensure the perfect wine tasting experience.

To make sure you always pull the perfect pint, consider our range of economical toughened pint glasses or the best-selling traditional nonic glass. For those offering speciality beers, we supply classy stemmed beer glasses, as well as a variety of branded glasses.

Stephensons has over a century of experience in supplying high-quality glassware to the hospitality trade. In addition to standard glassware, we offer an assortment of martini, brandy and cocktail glasses, as well as elegant jugs and sundae bowls.

Bar Equipment

All bars are different and can require a variety of equipment to help them run smoothly and keep customers happy. However, most important of all is that your bartenders are well-trained and personable as they are the face of your establishment.

The best bars market their drink offerings well, are happy to advise customers on which mixers work best with which alcohols and care for their clientele by always serving responsibly. A well-organised back bar with regularly tested equipment will ensure your bartenders keep cool under pressure, as well as projecting a clean, efficient and pleasant image for waiting customers.

Stephensons has over 140 years of expertise in providing the bar trade with cost-effective, quality sundries. From mixologist essentials, to champagne buckets, glass rack solutions, cellar equipment and bar games, we stock everything you will need to impress your clientele time and time again.


Quality kitchen equipment is the key to excellent results when cooking. With our selection of products, you can be sure that your kitchen is fully equipped with the essential cooking equipment and tools to produce delicious dishes for your customers.

Flexible, comfortable and corrosion-resistant knives are a kitchen essential for any chef, whilst a sharpening stone and protective knife case are indispensable to extending the lifetime of your blades.

Colour-coded kitchen equipment is important in helping to minimise cross-contamination during food preparation. Preventing food safety issues through the use of colour-coded tongs, knives and chopping boards is easily-implemented best practice.

Our choice of kitchen equipment includes top branded chef knives from manufacturers such as Arcos, Henckels and Global. In addition, we stock a huge selection of kitchen tools, scales and tins, Lacor pans and molten cast iron cookware for your cooking needs.