Chafing Dishes & Fuel

Amazing low prices on professional chafing dishes, chafing fuel and accessories.

A wide selection of chafing dish sets and fuel.

As part of our range of hot buffet catering equipment, we have everything that you'll need for hot buffet service including chafing dishesroll-top chafing disheschafing fuel and accessories.

Traditional chafing units are designed to house chafing fuel underneath the unit to keep food warm during buffets and other catering events. 

Look out for the amazing deals to be had with our fantastically priced chafing dish sets!

As well as the traditional units, we also stock and supply a number of contemporary units which offer style and functionality.


  • Chafing dishes
  • Roll-top chafing dishes
  • Chafing fuel
  • Chafing accessories
  • Fantastic range
  • Package deals
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Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are named after the French word chauffer, which means 'to keep warm'. The portable units, which are also known as chafers, are typically raised on a stand and were originally heated with charcoal.

Caterers today use chafing fuel which is clean, odourless, smokeless, non-hazardous, non-explosive and non-evaporate. The chafing fuel cells are placed underneath the pan where they will keep food warm, away from the direct flame.

Chafing dishes can be used at the table or at buffets with chafing covers to keep food warm during service.


How To Use A Chafing Dish
  • Place the frame on a secure, stable surface.
  • Insert the water pan into the frame and fill the pan with about 3/4" to 1 1/2" of water.
  • Place the food pan into place.
  • Double check the burn time of your chafing fuel and ensure you have replacements.
  • Light the chafing fuel cell with a match and place it underneath the water pan.

During service, ensure that the water pan is sufficiently filled with water. Stir the food occasionally for even heat distribution and to ensure food doesn't burn on the bottom.

Be wary of steam rising from the dish when opening the lid and remove empty chafing fuel cells with tongs to avoid burning.

Chafing Fuel

We stock and supply a wide range of chafing fuel options to suit the modern, busy caterer. Choose from traditional chafing fuel cells, including gel and liquid chafing fuel, as well as environmentally friendly chafing fuel.

For more information contact our Customer Services team on 0161 483 6256.

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