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Utopia Nude Reserva Premium Wine Glasses from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

We stock and supply an extensive range of high quality wine glasses, suitable for all functions, events and celebrations.

Whether you require durable wine glasses for everyday use, or stunning crystal glassware for special occasions, we have the perfect stemware range for your establishment. 

Wine Glasses for restaurants and barsOver the last few years, restaurants across the UK have revamped their wine lists to meet the demands of increasingly wine savvy customers. In line with more interesting and expansive lists, we’ve noticed a trend towards the purchase of more elegant and sophisticated wine glasses.

Not only do they make a great impression when you walk into a restaurant, but they can make a huge difference to how the wine tastes!

Wine that is sold by the glass must be sold in measures of 125ml, 175ml and 250ml measures. In order to achieve these measures, the wine must pass through a government approved measure before it is served to the customer, either by a legally verified thimble measure or a government stamped glass.

CE marked and LCE marked wine glasses can be identified within this collection in the description. For a flexible solution, we also stock and supply glasses with multiple LCE marks. This allows maximum flexibility because only one glass will be needed to cover three measures of wine.




Top tips for selecting your wine glasses…

  • Ensure you have a different glass shape for white, red and sparkling wine.
  • White wine glasses should generally be tulip shaped, so have a smaller bowl and a narrower mouth. The narrower mouth helps to retain the delicate aromas of the wine.
  • Red wine glasses should be larger and have a wider bowl to allow the wine to aerate and let those bigger flavours spread out.
  • Sparkling wine glasses should always be flutes – the tall and slim shape will help keep those bubbles bubbling.
  • And finally, never over fill the glass!  One third to half full is perfect for still wine as this leaves lots of air and swirl room, both of which enhance the enjoyment of your wines.


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