Lincat Silverlink 1/1 Wet Well Bain Marie Without Gastronorm Inserts

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The Lincat Silverlink 600 1/1 Wet Well Bain Marie is a must have for commercial catering businesses. Great for keeping sauces warm, this wet bain marie keeps food moist and at serving temperature for consistently good taste. As a member of the Lincat Silverlink 600 range, this wet well bain marie has been created to withstand a rigorous commercial catering environment.

  • Lincat Silverlink 600 1/1 Wet Well Bain Marie

  • Thermostatic heat control

  • Front tap for easy drainage

  • Keeps food moist; wet heat keeps food from drying out

  • Great for commercial use in the catering industry

The Lincat Silverlink 1/1 600 Gastronorm Sized Wet Bain Marie With Tap is a durable and reliable appliance from Lincat. A valuable addition to any catering business, this wet bain marie has been created for commercial use. Wet bain maries are an excellent way to gently heat food and can keep products at a desired temperature without the risk of spoilage.

This gastronorm compatible wet bain marie is a versatile appliance for any catering kitchen. Perfect for holding warm sauces, gravy and pre cooked foods, this commercial Lincat 1/1 gastronorm sized appliance is a valuable kitchen asset.

Use this Lincat Silverlink 600 1/1 Wet Well Bain Marie to keep food warm. Where alternatives may dry out food goods, a wet bain marie keeps moisture locked into the food and its surroundings for better taste and texture. A feature such as this is ideal for use in a commercial environment and any business in the catering industry that wants to serve consistently high quality food at the right temperature and with the right moisture content.

Further features include a drainage tap and mechanical controller. The tap on the front of this Lincat Silverlink 600 1/1 Wet Well Bain Marie allows for easy drainage and removes the risk associated with lifting a vessel of hot water. This is a simple but useful addition in a busy catering kitchen. The mechanical controller allows for the temperature to be easily adjusted to suit the contents of the appliance.

This Lincat Silverlink 600 1/1 Wet Well Bain Marie is easy to use, durable and versatile. Whether used to keep sauces warm or keep food moist and at serving temperature, there is a place for this appliance in every commercial catering kitchen.

Silverlink 600 is Lincat’s response to the demands of busy catering environments. Built for excellent performance and longevity, this range offers style and value for money too. All units in this range are 600mm deep for a consistent size that optimises counter top space. As a modular range, all products in Silverlink 600 can be mixed and matched for a unique kitchen layout. 

Products in this Lincat range are simple to install and come complete with a cable and plug for immediate use. Their innovative design ensures the Silverlink 600 appliances are functional and easy to operate.

Furthermore, Lincat Silverlink 600 items are strong and durable. Manufactured from 0.8mm stainless steel, this range offers excellent strength and rigidity.


Size: 450x600x290 (WxDxH)

Key features:

  • Lincat Silverlink 600 1/1 Wet Well Bain Marie

  • A member of the Silverlink 600 range

  • Versatile- use for sauces or keeping food warm and moist

  • Designed so gastronorm dishes fit inside (not included)

  • Thermostatic heat control

  • Tap for easy drainage

  • Mechanical control

  • Plug supplied

  • Fits 1/1 gastronorms (not included)

  • 2 year on site warranty


Gastronorms not included!

Dont forget your gastronorms!



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