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Bar Mats & Floor Matting

Bar Mats and Floor Matting

Bars can get wet and messy very quickly, which is why investing in quality bar mats is a must. When serving a high volume of customers—especially in peak service times—it's easy for spills, melting bits of ice, and general condensation from glasses to start creating wet bar surfaces. This looks unattractive as well as causing discomfort for customers waiting to be served. Bar mats can help you control this better, keeping your bar spaces tidier and easier to clean by catching moisture. At Stephensons, you can find a range of bar mats and floor mats within our extensive bar equipment collection.

We have various options of rubber bar mats that you can use in your pub, restaurant, hotel, club, or event space. Some are thinner for slender bars, whereas others will cover a wider surface area. The latter can be put on bar tops, or even placed on a back-bar area if you use some of this space for drink preparation as well. They are suitable for dishwashers for easy cleaning, and can be easily lifted and drained into a sink when they are full. They are also stable enough to safely place glasses on when you are serving customers.

In addition to these rubber bar mats, we also have a selection of classic drip trays for you to choose from. There are stainless steel options, a brass drip tray, and a melamine drip tray available. These will be useful in any bar environment, and are frequently seen in pubs to help catch spills from pints and other drinks that might occur.

While having the right bar mats and drip trays is important, you must ensure that you have the correct floor mats for healthy and safety measures. It's easy for floors to get slippery behind the bar or in your kitchen areas, and our range of bar floor matting can help prevent slips and falls from occurring. There is an anti-microbial black kitchen mat available that is resistant to grease, oils, fats, and detergents, and can be cleaned in a commercial washing machine, as just one example.

While these floor mats are ideal for preventing staff from slipping and injuring themselves, another benefit to having them is that they can reduce glass breakages as well if any are dropped behind the bar. There is also adhesive tape that can help to keep these mats in place if you choose to use it.

Finally, there are bar entrance matting options available so that you can keep your bar areas safe and looking smart. In our collection you will find many options to explore, allowing you to find the perfect bar mat solution for your business.

If you would like any further information on our bar mat products, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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Bar Mats & Floor Matting

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