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Barman Equipment

At Stephensons, you'll see a great selection of these useful gadgets that will complete your list of essential bar equipment.

If you want to run a bar effectively, you need to have all of the essential barman equipment ready to go. While this does include various cocktail utensils, stylish glassware, bar blades, fruit knives and chopping boards—as well as many other important items—you should also consider investing in more heavy-duty apparatus for drink preparation.

Excellent barman equipment that you can find in our collection includes a variety of bar blenders. These are greast for making delicious frozen cocktails, but can also be utilised to make soft drinks like milkshakes or smoothies. You could also use them for iced-coffee drinks is these are included in your beverage menu. These blenders have been specially designed for bar use, and you will find spare jugs to purchase as well, which can be useful when you need to serve multiple blended drinks during busy service.

In addition to blenders in our barman equipment range, you will find spindle drink mixers to browse through as well. These are also excellent for making milkshakes and cocktails, and can create fluffy and foamy drinks for your guests. The spindle mixers would look excellent in retro diner, or environments that take inspiration from these American nostalgia themes. They are certainly essential tools for any establishment that specialises in milkshakes or similar beverages.

If you like to serve fresh juice at your bar or restaurant, you might be interested in taking a look at our selection of juicers. We have a citrus juicer available at Stephensons, which could be the perfect piece of barman equipment to serve fresh OJ, or perhaps even homemade lemonade. Limes could also be juiced easily with this machine, which is a popular ingredient in many cocktails.

Alternatively, you might have use for a coulis juicer in your bar or restaurant. This will successfully create perfect fruit coulis, and this can be used when preparing desserts, cocktails, or soft drinks behind the bar. There is a large Robot Coupe juicer available for professional barman equipment use as well. All of these products would be useful in hospitality settings that serve freshly made fruit juice, cocktails, etc., as well as use in commercial kitchens.

Alongside our selection of juicers, we also have an ice crusher that you might find useful as a piece of barman equipment. This is ideal for any cocktail bar as it can quickly turn cubed ice into crushed ice, which is better suited for certain beverages.

Our barman equipment options also extend to large bottle fridges to keep your selection of bottled beers, ciders, soft drinks, etc., refreshingly cool. We also have fruit dehydrators for your cocktail garnishes, glasswashers for cleaning duties, wine fridges, and large ice makers to keep up with demanding service.

If you would like to learn more about any of our barman equipment, we are always happy to help. You can contact us on 0161 483 6257 or email us at for further information on any of our products.

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