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Cocktail Equipment

Cocktail Equipment

Cocktail Equipment

We provide an extensive range of bar equipment at Stephensons, so whether you run a pub and like to serve a few popular cocktails to customers, or a dedicated mixologist who loves to experiment with new concoctions, we have you covered with our collection of cocktail equipment.

Any good bar has at least some basic cocktail equipment in order to serve customers a selection of refreshing drinks. From strainers to shakers and jiggers to mixing spoons, these are all useful tools to have at hand when you're preparing delightful cocktails for your guests.

We provide cocktail making kits if you're looking for a complete range to manage demand in your busy cocktail bar. These kits come in various sizes, but all come with basic cocktail equipment like shakers, jiggers, mixing spoons, muddlers, and strainers. Others include a few more useful items, such as chopping boards, bar blades, and pourers for bottles. You can also find a carry case for cocktail equipment if you provide cocktail masterclasses at different venues, or training for staff at various sites.

We have plenty of other practical cocktail equipment for your bar, such as stainless steel speed rails. These are perfect for cocktail bars, allowing you to stock all of your most-used and popular spirits for your cocktails neatly right next to the bar. This will make it much easier for bar tenders to find the right spirits for cocktails quickly, ultimately making serving time faster for your customers. These can be removed at the end of each service for easy cleaning, too. Other larger appliances you might find useful for preparing cocktails can be found in our bartender equipment range that includes bar blenders.

There are condiment dispensers available at Stephensons too, and these pieces of cocktail equipment are another essential tool for keeping service running smoothly and your bar organised. Stock garnishes like fruit, olives, herbs, etc., in these containers at the bar for quick and easy access. Fruit squeezers, boards, and cutters can also be found in our cocktail equipment collection.

More complex cocktail equipment we have on offer includes our smoking guns. These tools are great for cocktail bars that want to add smoky flavours to their cocktails for an unusual twist. They can also be useful for those who want to take an Avant Garde approach to cocktails, combining amazing flavours with theatrical presentation as the smoke lingers in the glass.

Bartender training cocktail equipment can be found at Stephensons as well, including a free-pour tester and plastic training bottles for flair bartending. These items are very useful for any business—especially cocktail bars—that want to deliver impeccable service and their bartenders to be trained thoroughly.

These are just a few examples of the amazing cocktail equipment we have available at Stephensons. Everything you need to complete your cocktail bar is here, so that you can continue experimenting with new recipes as well as serving up timeless classics with style and speed.

If you'd like further information on any of our cocktail equipment options, call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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