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Wine Buckets

Wine Buckets


Within our extensive range of bar equipment, discover the perfect wine buckets for a sophisticated serve.

Whether your customers have ordered a crisp white or a bottle of bubbly, serving these wines chilled to perfect is key. Although smaller wine coolers can be beneficial, these wine buckets are excellent for making a statement, particularly when serving champagne.

Many of our wine buckets are compatible with wine bucket stands, which we also have available at Stephensons. These are perfect for placing next to the table and will leave more surface space on the tabletop for plates, glasses, etc.

Some of our wine buckets also have a larger capacity, so you can chill multiple bottles at once. There are a range of styles to choose from too, from classic stainless steel buckets to acrylic options. Various finishes such as copper plated, hammered metal effect, or other unique stylings offer attractive aesthetics that will only enhance the dramatic presentation of your wines.

To find out more about our wine bucket options, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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