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Patina - Stonecast

Patina - Stonecast

Churchill Patina

Churchill Stonecast Patina

  • Hand decorated, rustic crockery collection

  • Takes inspiration from natural tones and textures of aged wood, leather, metal and stone

  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers


Featuring the same striking silhouettes as Churchill Stonecast, Churchill Stonecast Patina has an earthy, neutral palette that suits creative fresh food presentation.

This alluring collection takes inspiration from the tones and surface textures of aged wood, leather, metal and stone. These muses can be identified in both the colour tones and the purposeful shapes of the pieces. 

In keeping with the rustic theme, Churchill Stonecast Patina is available in a number of hand-painted colourways. The hand decoration process means that each piece has unique characteristics which add to its overall charm.

Alongside handsome aesthetics, this crockery collection is practical. These products are dishwasher and microwave safe for versatility in a busy catering environment and have super vitrified bodies which ensure their strength and durability.

Items in this collection feature Churchill’s ecoglaze, a superior glazed finish that prevents scratches and damage. All flatware in the Churchill Stonecast Patina range has glazed bases to avoid damage when stacked.


Key Features:

  • Churchill Stonecast Patina

  • Hand decorated

  • Super vitrified body

  • Superior glazed finish- ecoglaze

  • Underglaze decoration

  • Glazed bases on all flatware

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Microwave safe

  • Made in England

  • From Stephensons Catering Equipment Supplies


    PLEASE NOTE: The hand decorated nature of this crockery collection means that every piece is beautifully unique with slight differences.

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