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Homespun Accents - Studio Prints

Homespun Accents - Studio Prints

Churchill Studio Prints Homespun Accents

Churchill Studio Prints Homespun Accents


  • Modern, minimalist take on the original Homespun design

  • Hand applied edge band for an artisanal feel

  • Printed underglaze offers added durability

  • Available in Jasper Grey & Aquamarine variants
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers


The Homespun collection offers a blend of contemporary sophistication and nostalgia. The design features a concentric pattern that emulates hand-thrown pottery, the natural colours and subtle pattern showcase the freshest ingredients and enhance food presentation.

Homespun Accents is a modern and minimal derivative of the original design. The range balances the use of colour and texture alongside simplistic white space. Printed underglaze for added durability, finished with a hand-applied edge band and printed with reactive colour so that every piece will be unique.

Churchill Studio Prints Homespun Accents offers a delightful blend of style and resilience. This range is made of super vitrified china for exceptional strength and features thermal shock resistance, microwave safety and a glazed finish for long-lasting endurance. Glazed feet on items in this range ensure scratch resistance when stacked.



Key Features:

  • Churchill Studio Prints Homespun Accents

  • Underglaze printed design 

  • Hand-applied edge band

  • Modern take on a much-loved Churchill design

  • Has the look of homespun pottery

  • Understated colourways - Jasper Grey & Aquamarine

  • Super vitrified china

  • Strong, durable and resilient

  • Thermal shock resistance

  • Ecoglaze finish

  • 5 year edge chip warranty on selected pieces

  • Microwave safe

  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

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