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Denby Premium Crockery Tableware from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

Denby Crockery

You will find a lot of options in the Stephensons catering crockery collection, with many popular and revered brands to browse through, including Denby crockery.

While all the options in our crockery collection are worth looking at, if you do love the traditional amd artisanal stylings of Denby crockery, you can see some of their most beloved ranges here.

Denby crockery is one of the UK's most recognised tableware brands, and they have been producing beautiful ceramic products for over 200 years. They're still creating stunning tableware and cookware at the same site in Derbyshire after two centuries, using the exceptional Derbyshire clay sourced from behind their factory to make stunning plates, bowls, cup, and more.

Denby crockery's Halo collection is a best-seller, and its dramatic design makes it easy to see why. These pieces truly showcase the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into making Denby crockery, with its two-toned colouring and speckled finish. The darker edges of these plates, bowls, cups, and saucers create the mesmerising 'halo' effect, and this also results in a fantastic frame for food on the plates. The colours also melt into each other in a unique fashion that is beautiful and enchanting.

If you are looking for striking Denby crockery with a retro feel, their Imperial Blue range could be the perfect choice. This collection was first introduced in 1989, and features a range of magnificent, regal shapes in a stunning cobalt blue colour. It was a hit then, and since has become an iconic range in the Denby crockery repertoire. While many of these plates are completely blue, there are also options that feature crisp white bodies that are accented around the edges by the signature cobalt colour. Again, this can offer a brilliant framing device for your dishes, if this is a presentation style you prefer. There are also rectangular and oval plates available, as well as a selection of different sized bowls, teapots, cups, and saucers.

For more contemporary stylings, you might find the Denby Modus collection a better fit. This is a beautifully minimalist range of Denby crockery that is sophisticated and versatile. You can find a speckled design with subtle tones, an ideal canvas for those who want their food to take centre stage. There is also the option for an hombre style look, layering tones for a more dramatic effect, but one that is still neutral enough to work with a wide-variety of cuisines and environments. A perfect choice for modern dining spaces that want to create an atmosphere of effortless luxury and style.

For an earthier, rustic aesthetic you will find that Denby's Studio Craft collection is an excellent match. There are four versions of this design—Walnut, Chestnut, Elm, and Birch—all offering beautiful, down-to-earth stylings that are perfect for casual dining spaces. This range of Denby crockery would work particularly well with sustainable menus that follow a farm-to-table ethos.

Many of the Denby crockery pieces are covered by a 10-Year Edge Chip Warranty as an assurance of their quality. They're also dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe, making them an ideal choice for professional catering and hospitality environments. If you'd like to find out more about any of the Denby crockery ranges we have on offer, please contact us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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