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Dudson Crockery

Dudson Crockery

Dudson by Churchill

At Stephensons we have a lot of catering crockery to choose from by many renowned brands, with our collection of Dudson plates being just one fantastic option to explore.

The Dudson name carries a rich heritage dating back to 1800, and in 2019, it was taken on by another well-established ceramics manufacturer, Churchill China.

Dudson plates and other crockery pieces can help to bring your tabletop to life, and are an excellent fit for establishments that want relaxed but fashionable stylings. These ranges are great for creating a rustic aesthetic, and will suit a range of top-quality menus that celebrate fresh ingredients, farm-to-table philosophies, and the worlds best comfort foods. If this all sounds appealing to you, then you must browse through our collection of Dudson plates and bowls.

If your menu follows Mediterranean themes, then two ranges of Dudson plates stand out. Harvest Mediterranean is one option, and it's perfect for laid-back rustic styles and vibrant ingredients, such as fresh tomatoes, chillies, pasta, fish, and more. There are two colour options to pick from in Dudson's Harvest Mediterranean, blue and terracotta. The former can be great for spring/summer menus, with the latter working well for autumnal dishes such as comforting stews, roasted meats, and so on. If you wanted to be more experimental with your presentation, you could always mix and match these two colours for a truly beautiful tabletop.

Another great option for Mediterranean inspired menus is Porto Blue from Dudson's Maker's Collection. Inspired by the stunning hand painted tiles that are frequenlty seen in Portuguese architecture, it will make an excellent backdrop for fresh tapas dishes, seafood, cured meats, cheeses, and so much more.

If you're interested in Dudson plates, but you're not interested in Mediterranean stylings, then there's plenty more to look at in Dudson's Harvest range. There are various lines such as Harvest Grain, Harvest Flux, and the original Harvest that will be excellent for country-kitchen stylings. The Finca range from Dudson's Maker's Collection is also a perfect example of rustic aesthetics that also combine contemporary artistic flair. These Dudson plates will provide a fantastic canvas for exceptional menus and make your dishes look even more irresistable.

There are many more Dudson plates and bowls to discover in this collection, and many of these options also come with a 5-Year Edge Chip Warranty as an assurance of their quality. As they have been designed for professional use, the majority of these items are also dishwasher safe for efficient cleaning, so that you can keep up with the demands of a busy food service.

If you are looking to renew your establishments tableware or purchase items for a new opening, you can find a lot of fantastic options in our catering crockery collection. These ranges of Dudson plates are an excellent place to start, and can offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for you to choose from.

You can learn more about our selection of Dudson plates by contacting the team on 0161 483 6256 or emailing us at

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