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Dudson Evo Jet

Dudson Evo: Jet

  • An iconic range revived
  • Contemporary deep black finish
  • Practical and versatile shapes
  • Matte glaze

Evo, an iconic Dudson range, has been revived by Churchill china. This cherished design has the appearance of hand-thrown pottery and a homely charm to add a touch of warmth to any tabletop.

A replication of shape and aesthetics, Evo Jet offers a dramatic tabletop solution. The matte glaze and stark black tone contrasts perfectly against the richness of chefs’ food presentation. Jet is available in a number of practical shapes.

The fully glazed pieces are hand dipped on Vitrified Stoneware and the reactive colours create variation, making each piece individual.

Although the collection may look handcrafted, Evo is supremely practical and whatever your particular service requirements, items can be mixed and matched to suit.

Key Features:

  • Dudson Evo Jet
  • Dudson By Churchill
  • An iconic range revived
  • Made in England
  • Fully vitrified body
  • Edge chip warranty on highlighted items
  • Contemporary black finish
  • Matte glaze
  • From Stephensons Catering Equipment Supplies
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