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Dudson Evo Jet


Evo is an iconic Dudson range that will bring plenty of rustic charm to your table settings and food presentation.

Evo's design gives the sense of hand-crafted crockery that is stylish and and welcoming. This is enriched by the reactive matt glaze that results in unique pieces. Evo Jet is bold and striking with its stark black colouring. This range will certainly draw attention to the food being served, and it is a perfect choice for creative chefs who want to make a statement.

The country style of the Evo tableware ranges will perfectly complement menus and establishments that follow a farm-to-table ethos. The relaxed design will fit in with all kinds of settings from pubs to bistros and even more formal dining spaces.

These pieces are fully vitrified, making them ideal for professional use. Evo ranges incorporate a good selection of plates, platters, bowls, beverage items, and smaller dishes, so they are wonderfully versatile. Dudson crockery is made in England, and there is a 2 Year Edge Chip Warranty included for selected items.

You can mix and match the Evo ranges for a varied approach to presentation, or pick your favourite to use to showcase your culinary masterpieces.

To learn more about the Evo collection or another Dudson crockery range, call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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