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In our extensive collection of catering crockery, you'll find a lot of recognisble tableware brands popular with the hospitality industry, and Genware plates are one of them.

This brand of tableware has been going since 1965, and still proves to be a trusted and popular choice with many hospitality and catering professionals today.

There are various options to explore in our selection of Genware plates, bowls, and beverageware. You can find some unique pieces in the Terra Porcelain range, or statement tableware in the striking Luna stoneware collection. Whatever you decide, you can rely on Genware plates to stand the test of time and offer interesting and attractive stylings.

Genware plates have a lot to offer, including various shapes and sizes that are perfect for the different courses on your menus. If you're looking for something that offers effortless style and versatility, the Antigo range within the wider Terra Stoneware collection could be a good place to start. These Genware plates have been inspired by the ageing process of bronze, and have a grey finish with subtle green flecks that create gorgeous highlights. This range is a great choice for those looking for contemporary stylings that are smart, but still casual enough to create a relaxed tablesetting.

Other options that are worth a look within the Terra Stoneware ranges are the Sereno Grey Genware plates, that can offer much lighter colourings than the Antigo range. Sereno Grey would be excellent for serving quality comfort foods in casual dining spaces. There is also a Sereno Brown alternative, and a Blue Terra Stonewre range that is another darker colour scheme to explore. This particular collection of Genware plates and bowls would work very well for rich tapas dishes, seafood, pasta, and other Mediterranean and South American inspired menus. This is thanks to the stunning blue hues that work as a fantastic background for vibrant and fresh ingredients.

Another Terra range to explore is the Porcelain collection, where 'each piece is unique.' This is as a result of a specialist glazing formula that has been applied to these Genware plates, bowls, cups, and saucers. When placed in a high temperature firing process, this glaze reacts in a way that creates unique effects on each item. These ranges of Genware plates are perfect for anyone who wants tableware that is creative, different, and can offer beautiful aesthetics.

Luna Black Stoneware is another fantastic range from Genware, and will work especially well with Asian or Asian Fusion cuisine. It is similar to the Antigo Terra Stoneware range in that it follows contemporary shapes and stylings, as well as a striking colour. However, this is a collection of bold black tableware with a matt finish. Even better, this is a range of Genware plates and other tableware items that are great value. The affordability of this range can suit all kinds of budgets, allowing everyone access to stylish tableware that will help you set the mood in your establishment.

If you are interested in discussing any of the Genware plates and tableware we have available at Stephensons, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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