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Milk Jugs

Milk Jugs

Milk Jugs

We have a wide-range of catering crockery to explore at Stephensons, and if you are looking for new small milk jugs to add to your collection of coffee mugs and teacups, you will find various choices here.

If you want to offer your guests a quality tea and coffee service, having elegant and stylish small milk jugs as part of your beverageware collection is a must. They are a perfect addition to bring out with your cups, saucers, and sugar bowls, allowing your guests to control how much milk they want to add to their coffee or tea. From simple white options to more unusual shapes and colourings, we have a great selection of small milk jugs for you to explore.

You can find a selection of ceramic milk jugs within our range, some following traditional shapes for graceful afternoon teas, or others with rustic stylings such as the popular Churchill Stonecast lines. If you're a fan of Churchill China, you might be interested in their classic Churchill Willow patterned milk jug. This design is excellent for a vintage tea service if this suits your establishments style. You can also find more contemporary designs, and unhandled milk jugs for a modern and chic look.

If you are searching for something with a quirkier aesthetic, you might be interested in our selection of mini milk bottles that come in glass and ceramic options. There are also foil milk bottle caps available that you can use with these milk bottles as a decorative flourish. Additionally, we have a selection of mini milk churns in stainless steel and copper plated options. These will work well for bars, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that incorporate relaxed country styles into their branding.

The majority of these small milks jugs will be dishwasher safe as they have been designed for professional use in catering and hospitality environments. As such, they are also durable and reliable, allowing you to keep up with busy service. If you're looking to upgrade your beverageware to improve your tea and coffee service, you're sure to find something you'll love within our small milk jug range.

Teas, coffees, and other hot drinks will always be popular options with customers, especially at stylish cafés, hotels, and restaurants. Even trendy bars can benefit from offering hot drinks to their guests if they're open during daytime hours. Afternoon teas, in particular, have seen an increase in interest recently, and this is a trend that appears to have longevity. Therefore, it's important to make sure you have the best plates to serve your sweet treats on, but also a stylish collection of cups and saucers, as well as attractive small milk jugs to serve your teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and other speciality brews.

In addition to our small milk jug range, we have an extensive collection of beverageware in our crockery collection. We also have other products that you might find useful for your coffee and tea services, such as tiered cake stands for displays and afternoon tea presenation, cake utensils, and more. If you would like to discuss any of these products with us in more detail, you can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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