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Pasta Plates

Pasta Plates

Pasta Plates from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

Popular Pasta Plates

From rich ragu to delicious seafood, there are all kinds of pasta dishes that can bring comfort and satisfaction to your customers. Have a look at some of our popular pasta plate options, or browse other choices in our crockery collection.

While the quality of the food will be what takes the spotlight, presentation is still important to make the right statement on the table. Pasta plates are an ideal option for serving up your menu's carbonaras, bolognese, and so on. Each pasta plate frames the food perfectly, and prevents sauce from spilling.

The pasta plates on offer at Stephensons have been designed with professional use in mind. Some even come with a 5 Year Edge Chip warranty as an assurance of their performance. The majority of these items are also safe to use in dishwashers and microwaves. The winged rims of these plates makes them the perfect choice for stylish presentation, while also offering a practical way to stop sauce and food spilling over the edge.

There are also various sizes to best suit lighter meals or main courses. Many of these plates can be utilised for soups and stews as well.

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