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Side Plates

Side Plates

Side Plates from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

Popular Side Plates

Having a collection of quality catering crockery is a must when you're serving food to guests, and this includes a selection of stylish white side plates.

They're versatile and practical, allowing you to use them for serving pieces of bread to dip into stews and soups, petite side salads, or even for serving your small plate menus.

We have a great range of catering plates for you to browse through, including this selection of white side plates, as well as side plates in other colours if this is preferable. This is a collection of our most popular side plates, and you will see various options from relaxed and traditional white side plates to more adventurous stylings.

sideSide plates often get overlooked, but they are an important part of any dinnerware range, both in professional settings and at home. The smaller nature of these plates makes them useful for lighter bites, whether this is serving sandwiches at lunchtime, a starter course, to use when serving charcuterie or cheese boards, or other sharing platters.

Not only do side plates work wonderfully for savoury dishes, but they can be utilised in cafés, coffee shops, and other environments for desserts and sweet treats as well. You might choose to offer delicious and indulgent French Toast as part of your brunch menus, for example, or your speciality might be handmade cakes that are irresistible. Side plates are the perfect size for these sweets, whether they're part of an afternoon tea service or for the dessert course at a restaurant.

Simple white side plates are a great choice thanks to the versatility of their colour and style. If you are searching for white side plates, you can find various options here. They are all great value, with some featuring a winged rim design that is very traditional. Some of our other popular white side plates have narrow rims for a more contemporary look, whereas others follow a coupe design. You will also discover the Churchill China white side plates and the Steelite white side plate options, all of which are covered by their 5-Year Edge Chip Warranties.

Although white side plates are popular, you might prefer to choose one of our more colourful options instead. The Porcelite Seasons collection is a great alternative to white side plates, with some offering subtle differences, such as the Oatmeal colour. Others are bolder, like the bright blue Sea Spray, and this would be a great backdrop for vibrant ingredients, such as small tapas dishes, salads, fruit, or colourful cakes.

If you want something more dramatic, there are darker and broodier options, such as the Porcelite Seasons Graphite or Storm colour choices. There is also the Rustico Ironstone Plate which has a unique effect for eye-catching aesthetics.

These are just some of our most popular side plates, and as you can see, white side plates are a common choice for many professional caterers and hospitality businesses. This is thanks to their versatility and classic stylings; however, more colourful options are worth exploring, too.

If you'd like to discuss any of our side plates in more detail, or any of our catering crockery ranges, contact us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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