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Steelite Crockery

Steelite Crockery

Steelite Crockery

  • Impress your customers with beautifully crafted Steelite crockery
  • Durable crockery from a world-renowned manufacturer
  • Designed to withstand the daily rigours of the catering industry
  • Discover a diverse range of styles to fit any aesthetic preference
  • Receive tailored recommendations from our territory managers to find the perfect match for your needs
  • Take advantage of tiered pricing options that cater to your budget
  • See and feel the difference in person by visiting our showroom in Stockport
  • Choose Stephensons for hassle-free commercial catering supplies

Steelite Crockery: Designed to Last

At Stephensons, we pride ourself on delivering only the highest-quality products to catering and hospitality professionalsand offering an impeccable level of service for our customers. This is why we stock a wide range of Steelite International's world-renowned ceramic dinnerware, lovingly crafted in Stoke-on-Trent and chosen by catering businesses across the UK for its brilliant durability, excellent quality, and beautiful design elements.

Explore an extensive collection of Steelite goods that includes everything from unique handcrafted crockery and exquisite artisan crockery to classic white tableware and charming retro tableware, all carefully designed to enhance and complement your menu.

Why Choose Steelite for Your Premium Tableware Needs?

All Steelite International products are unique, durable, and crafted to the highest standard right here in the UK. Each piece is designed to stand the test of time and remain in excellent condition even in the busiest of kitchens.

Here are just a few of the amazing features you can expect from your Steelite tableware:

  • Microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe: Steelite crockery is designed to withstand any temperature, offering ultimate convenience when you need it most.
  • Stain resistance: All Steelite International products offer an excellent level of stain resistance, which means you can serve up delectable dishes time and time again on crockery that always looks its best.
  • Glaze damage resistance: Durable transparent glazes on all pieces of tableware provide an excellent quality finish and help to prevent damage such as scratching, which can drastically improve performance in service.
  • Thermal shock resistance: Steelite crockery can withstand temperature fluctuations of up to 200°C, allowing you to work with these products in the kitchen with confidence.
  • Guaranteed to last: Thanks to their strength and durability, Steelite products last 2-3 times longer than your standard porcelain tableware. Each piece is manufactured to the highest standard, meeting international legislation and regulation regarding product performance.
  • Lifetime edge-chip warranty: All tableware manufactured by Steelite International comes with a lifetime edge-chip warranty, giving you added assurance that your crockery will withstand the rigours of a busy commercial environment and remain chip-free.
  • Many stackable ranges: From cups and saucers to plates and bowls, Steelite offer a range of stackable options that help to keep storage space to a minimum.
  • Heat and chill retention: Whether it's a piping hot main course or ice-chilled dessert, enjoy peace of mind that your food will be served the way it's supposed to with crockery that keeps its temperature.

Invest in Your Future with Steelite Crockery

The temptation to buy cheaper, imported tableware is a natural reaction when you want to keep costs to a minimum, but the ongoing cost of replacing cheap tableware means this option is not cost-effective in the long run.

Buying cheaper imports or porcelain tableware is likely to result in the need for more regular replacements, which over time will cost you more money. Over a period of five years, you could spend at least 20% more on your tableware if you choose a cheaper option over Steelite's durable alternatives.

Although Steelite International crockery may seem more expensive than cheaper imported tableware, its high alumina content makes each piece extremely strong and durable and less likely to chip or crack during service, which means it doesn’t need replacing as often as its porcelain counterparts.

A Taste of Our Stunning Steelite Crockery Range

Choosing the right crockery can make all the difference when it comes to creating the perfect dining experience for your customers, no matter what space you occupy within the catering industry.

Feeling overwhelmed with choice? Don't worry - our team is equipped with the expertise to help you decide which styles are best suited to your business.

Here's a brief introduction to some of our most popular Steelite tableware options...

Steelite Craft

Perhaps the most popular collection of them all, the exquisite Steelite Craft range is inspired by hand-crafted, simple country wares made by generations of potters over hundreds of years.

Each piece from the Steelite Craft collection is beautifully unique, with a simple shape and rustic appearance that makes it incredibly appealing to the eye. In addition to its stunning, one-of-a-kind design, the Craft collection is practical and durable, capable of withstanding the daily hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

Choose Steelite Craft White for a more classic colour palette, or marry together any of the complementary colours in the Steelite Craft collection, such as Steelite Craft Raspberry and Steelite Craft Green, to make a statement with your food presentation.

Steelite Dapple

The Steelite Dapple collection is available in a variety of designs; the original Steelite Blue Dapple finish proved so popular that the new Steelite Charcoal Dapple and Steelite Brown Dapple ranges have now been created.

This exquisite collection meets the current demand for homely tabletop chic, and offers a stylish, rustic base for exciting food presentation. With stylish shapes and plain white bodies, each piece in this range features sponge-painted coloured rims that add to its minimalist charm.

Steelite Simplicity White

Keep things simple yet stylish with the Steelite Simplicity White collection, a refined collection of dinnerware that provides a blank canvas for sensational food presentation. The white colourway and classic shapes of this crockery range allow food to take centre stage and encourage creativity in the kitchen.

From small white plates and thermal handled soup bowls to pizza plates and ceramic teapots, the Simplicity White collection is available in every size and style you could possibly require.

Alongside handsome aesthetics, Steelite Simplicity White pieces are all stain resistant and stackable, which ensures their practicality in a bustling commercial environment.

All of Your Steelite Crockery Essentials in One Place

Impress your customers with our extensive range of crockery and Steelite dinnerware, and experience an exceptional level of customer service that won't ever let you down.

Our professional account team and friendly showroom staff offer the personalised support you need to place your order with ease and ensure your goods arrive on time.

What is the lead time for receiving my Steelite order?

Plenty of our dinnerware essentials are in stock at our cash & carry, so you can browse or collect your Steelite crockery at any time that suits you if you're based locally. Alternatively, place your order online and receive it within 2 working days (when ordered before 3pm).

Please note: delivery service times may be longer during busier periods, but we always endeavour to arrange a suitable delivery time that works for you.

Is there a discount available for large Steelite International orders?

Purchase a large quantity of Steelite products through a Trade Account to receive exclusive cost savings.

In addition to bulk order discounts, a Trade Account offers a range of other benefits, including access to exclusive products, faster delivery times, and dedicated account management.

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