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Gembrook by Off Grid Studio

Gembrook by Off Grid Studio

Gembrook by Off Grid Studio

An exclusive Steelite crockery collection, Off Grid's Studio's Gembrook tableware brings the artistry of hand-thrown pottery to your food presentation.

This range of tableware has been developed in collaboration with talented potter, Sam Gordon, and is a beautiful and unique range. These pieces offer contemporary stylings, while still having a hint of rustic charm. They provide a wide plating area too, which is an ideal feature for chefs who want more space to work with for immaculate presentation.

Hand-crafted pottery and artisanal features are a popular design trend, which is another great reason to take a look at the Gembrook range by Off Grid Studios. These items of crockery have been glazed by hand, with small areas on top of each left unglazed. This authenticates where the potter had held each piece while glazing, resulting in double-dips, drips, and exposed clay, lending to its hand-thrown authenticity. Each piece is unique too, allowing you to create a different tabletop each time for a stylish and varied experience for each guest.

Off Grid Studio's Gembrook collection comes in two colour options as well. White has creamy tones, and is a great choice for softer stylings for your presentation. Comforting coffees and teas will look all the more cosy in these mugs, and all kinds of foods from starters to desserts will be beautifully presented on these plates.

If you would prefer something bolder, then the Gembrook Gray choice could be a better fit. It can offer a slightly more dramatic approach to your food presentation, while still allowing the food on the plate to steal the limelight. Farm-to-table recipes will work very well on this range of tableware.

You can always mix and match the Gembrook Gray and White colours for a more varied presentation choice, and one that will look every bit as chic. These plates will be at home in casual dining settings, bistro restaurants, pubs and bars, and even trendy cafés.

Not only will the Off Grid Studio's Gembrook crockery collection bring beautiful aesthetics into the mix, but these pieces are practical for professional environments as well. This range is made from vitrified stoneware for improved strength that can withstand the pressures of commercial catering and dining spaces. They are also safe to place in your freezers, microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers for quick and easy cleaning after use.

If you would like to discuss any of the Off Grid Studio Gembrook pieces, or other options in our Steelite crockery ranges, we're happy to help. You can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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