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Steelite Halo

Steelite Halo

Steelite Halo Rustic Crockery

Steelite Halo Crockery Collection


  • White pieces with attractive colourful accents

  • Available in four colourways: Granite, Sandstone, Bluestone, Jade 

  • Alumina Vitrified body offers durability and longevity

  • Ideal option for creating a casual and inviting look


Steelite Halo is a beautiful whiteware collection that features splashes of colour across each piece to create an inviting aesthetic that's great for casual dining.  

The use of hand-applied reactive glazes on Halo frames food beautifully, allowing for a slightly playful approach to presentation that works for relaxed settings. Halo allows food to be presented on a clean white platform that is then complemented and framed by a contrasting colour banding. 

Steelite Halo can be used as a single colour presentation or mixed and matched freely with others in the range. Halo also co-ordinates beautifully with Steelite Revolution to add to the easy-going style.

All of the pieces in Steelite Halo are cast across Alumina Vitrified clay bodies. This offers a durability and longevity that is perfect for professional environments. What's more, pieces are also backed-up by Steelite's Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty. 


Key Features:

  • Steelite Halo
  • Available over four colourways
  • Ideal for casual dining environments
  • Whiteware with hand-applied colour glaze
  • Cast over alumina vitrified clay bodies (part of the Steelite Peformance range)
  • Durable and reliable
  • Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty on all pieces
  • Intended for professional use
  • From Stephensons Catering Equipment Supplies


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