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Coloured Teapots & Cups

Coloured Teapots & Cups

Coloured Teapots and Cups

Are you looking for a reliable catering teapot or other professional beverageware for your establishment? While classic white tea and coffee cups are a great choice, if you want to add a splash of colour to your hot drinks' presentation, our range of coloured teapots, cups, and saucers are worth a look.

As with the rest of our eclectic catering crockery collection, you will find renowned brands such as Genware, Bevande, and Utopia in our range of coloured catering teapots. They're perfect for quirky cafés, coffee shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants alike. Express your creative side with some vibrant teapots and cups to give your tea and coffee service a boost.

There are various shapes and sizes of catering teapots to choose from in our selection, as well as matching cups and saucers. You'll find ones that are suitable for lattés, cappuccinos, espressos, tea, and other hot beverages you might want to include on your menus. If you want to be different, you might be interested in our range of quirky Squashy Mugs that look like crushed tin cans. This style will work well in establishments that love to be unique, and want to offer a relaxed and fun experience for their customers.

From cheery yellows to delicate blues, you'll find all kinds of gorgeous colours to consider for your new catering teapot collection. You might even want to order a few different colour options for a more varied approach to your presentation. Some of our ranges have also been designed to be mixed and matched, such as the Churchill Art de Cuisine Menu Shades range. This collection uses more neutral colours with Ash Black and Smoke Grey, but it's stylish and versatile making it a great choice for many hospitality environments.

If you're searching for more unusual shapes for your catering teapots and beverageware, then you might be interested in the London Pottery Pebble Teapot range instead. The smart and smooth design was created by renowned ceramicist David Birch, and can bring some contemporary style to your tea service. These catering teapots also feature a diffuser for loose tea leaves, making them a great choice for any café, tearoom, or other establishment that offers loose speciality teas.

The Bevande range of catering teapots, cups, saucers, and sugar bowls are another option that offers a unique teapot shape. You'll also find many great colour options in this collection, from crisp and classic white to lively reds and enchanting aqua blue. These teapots also come with diffusers, and you can purchase their replacement lids and diffusers from Stephensons as well.

If you want a traditionl style for your catering teapots but would love to add a splash of colour, the Price & Kensington collection is the best place to look. These will work wonderfully for tearooms, cafés, and other hospitality environments that want to create a cosy atmosphere for their customers that is upbeat and welcoming.

There is a lot to explore within our ranges of coloured teapots and beverageware, and we're always happy to provide further assistance. If you'd like any more information on our catering teapots or other professional beverageware, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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