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Cleaning Equipment Supplies - Yellow rubber glove cleaning a hob with a blue sponge Cleaning Equipment Supplies - Yellow rubber glove cleaning a hob with a blue sponge
  • Keep your catering establishment in pristine condition with wholesale cleaning supplies
  • Discover a huge range of commercial cleaning products at competitive prices
  • Choose Stephensons for hassle-free commercial catering supplies
  • Explore our range of housekeeping supplies for your hotels and workspaces
  • Specialist tools for keeping your griddles clean for cooking
  • A selection of quality gloves and workwear to protect yourself while cleaning

Professional Cleaning Supplies for Hospitality and Catering Businesses

As a business owner in the catering industry, you need a reliable partner who can provide you with quality products and prompt delivery. At Stephensons, we make your life easier by offering professional service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Discover and extensive collection of commercial cleaning, hygiene, and janitorial supplies that includes everything from professional-quality cleaning chemicals and essential cloths and scourers to electrical cleaning equipment and waste management products.

A Wide Range of Professional Cleaning Products at Affordable Prices

As catering industry experts, we know that cleanliness is crucial to the success of any business and that creating a pristine environment for your customers comes above all else. That's why you'll find of your commercial cleaning essentials in one place with our extensive range of hygiene products and janitorial supplies, perfect for purchasing in large quantities thanks to our competitve bulk pricing options.

And if you need any assistance with placing your order, our team is equipped with the expertise to help you stock up on exactly what you need.

Here's a brief overview of just some of the quality supplies we offer...

Essential Cleaning Chemicals

We supply a wide variety of professional-grade cleaning chemicals that are essential for catering businesses of all sizes. Compared to standard domestic cleaning chemicals, these products are more efficient at killing bacteria and removing dirt or grime from your surfaces, floors, cooking utensils, and crockery.

Eliminate even the most deep-seated dirt and grime build-up with our range of kitchen cleaning chemicals, which includes everything from kitchen sanitisers and bleach for your kitchen to oven cleaners and drain unblockers, and keep your glassware and dinnerware in perfect condition with our dishwash and glasswash cleaning chemicals.

Our affordable floor cleaners are designed to effortlessly remove dirt, whilst our range of specialist chemicals and cleaners for catering businesses can help with common issues such as removing tough stains.

And of course, you can't overlook the importance of keeping your washrooms in excellent condition. Our washroom cleaners will keep bathroom surfaces squeaky clean, and toilet cleaners ensure that the hygiene of your establishment remains impeccable. 

Quality Equipment for Cleaning

To keep your premises in perfect condition, you need high quality cloths and scourers that are designed to last. Supplies of cloths and scourers tend to run out pretty quickly for catering businesses because of the rigours of daily commercial use, but our competitive bulk pricing options mean you can stock up on these essentials for less.

Our range of cleaning supplies also includes disposable gloves, including both rubber gloves for protection while cleaning and vinyl gloves for handling food products, as well as other essentials such as large and small cleaning brushes and mop heads and buckets.

Reliable Electrical Cleaning Equipment

You need electrical cleaning equipment you can depend on to ensure your catering establishment stays clean, tidy, and hygienic at all times. Our fantastic range of electrical cleaning equipment includes vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning machines that are designed to withstand the demands of commercial use, as well as professional buffing machines to keep your floors looking flawless. We even stock a wide range of electrical fly killers to ensure that hygiene of your business is not compromised by the presence of pesky flies and bugs that could contaminate your food.

All of Your Professional Cleaning Essentials from One Dependable Supplier

Ensure your catering establishment stays in pristine condition at all times with wholesale cleaning products, and discover an exceptional level of customer service that will never let you down. Our attentive account teams and welcoming showroom staff will ensure you receive the personalised support you need to place your order with ease and receive your essential cleaning supplies on time.

What is the lead time for receiving my wholesale cleaning items?

If you're based in the area, you can stop by our Stockport Cash & Carry Monday-Saturday to pick up the cleaning supplies you need. Alternatively, place your order online and receive it within 2 working days (when ordered before 3pm).

Please be aware that delivery service times are subject to change in busier periods, but we will endeavour to arrange a convenient delivery time that works around your schedule.

Is it possible to get a Trade Account?

You can set up a Trade Account if you wish to replenish your cleaning supplies, and all of the other essentials you need for your catering and hospitality businesses. The benefits of doing this include getting further support from one of our account managers who can offer you discounts and recommendations tailored to your business needs. 

Contact the team on 0161 483 6256 or email to discuss the benefits of a Trade Account in more detail.

What cleaning supplies do I actually need?

There are some cleaning supplies that every business, regardless of size, should stock up on as a bare minimum to ensure their premises meet the necessary hygiene standards:

Armed with these supplies, your staff will be ready to tackle all of the basic cleaning tasks that are required to keep everything in pristine condition.

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