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Eco Endeavour Dose Range

Eco Endeavour Dose Range

Eco Endeavour Dose Super Concentrate Range by Caterbar

Regular cleaning in professional settings is vital as you have a duty of care to your customers and staff, so investing in the best cleaning products available is essential. While there are many to choose from, if you are looking for eco-friendly cleaning products, the Eco Endeavour ranges are ideal. They have been specifically developed for customers who are conscious about their impact, but without losing efficacy.

Stephensons has many fantastic Eco Endeavour products to explore, and the Dose Super Concentrate range is brilliant for cost-saving thanks to its longevity and brilliant performance.

Making sure that you're not spending more than you need to on your daily essentials is vital for keeping your profits healthy. While there might be many cheap options cleaning products on the market, not all of them are as effective, and this results in more frequent use and ultimately more spending in the long-term. If you are looking for cost-effective options when it comes to your cleaning products, the Eco Endeavour Dose Super Concentrate range is an ideal solution.

Available in cases of 2x2 litre containers, these products can be diluted with water and used in a bucket, or one of the specially designed ready-to-use trigger spray bottles. These bottles have been made using 100% recycled HDPE, keeping in line with the Eco Endeavour ethos of minimising their impact on the environment. You can also find a specialist bottle for the Dose Super Concentrate Toilet Cleaner. There are 15ml pelican pumps available as well for you to use with the 2 litre containers for more accurate dose measurements when preparing these products for use.

You will find cleaning products for kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors, windows, and air fresheners in this range. All of these items are must-haves for any hospitality or catering environment, as well as professional office spaces, canteens, schools, and nursing homes among other settings.

The Eco Endeavour range of cleaning products has been developed by Caterbar, a national organisation of independent catering equipment distributors. Established in 1986 and incorporated in 1995, Caterbar works collectively to help all of its members realise their full potential. They work with reliable manufacturers and importers through their strong trading network all so they can deliver excellent service to their customers. Stephensons is a proud Caterbar member.

If you would like to discuss the Eco Endeavour products—or any of our other cleaning products—in more detail, please get in touch. The team is always happy to help, and you can contact us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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