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Blue Roll from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

Due to raw material shortages and rapidly rising energy costs, paper prices are heading in the wrong direction.

At the moment, one of the industry's best friends is bearing the brunt of these increases... blue centrefeed roll. From mopping up spills to getting a streak-free mirror clean, it's essential in hospitality. Don't let this leave you feeling wiped out though. We've put together some handy tips and alternative products to help you use blue roll more efficiently and make wastage a thing of the past.

Why Are Paper Prices Increasing?

Paper mills are currently experiencing the triple-whammy of increased energy costs, increased raw material costs ( namely wood pulp) and increased freight shipping costs. In light of these increases and with difficulties operating in a disrupted post-covid climate, many mills have chosen to shut down. This situation has been worsened with a large number of Eastern European facilities closing down during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The result is financial and logistical issues for the remaining mills, which has forced a price spike.

Stephensons are working with a range of suppliers to mitigate these market-wide increases wherever possible. We will seek to reverse these as soon as the market allows.


Squeegees from Stephensons

1. Squeegees

Ah, the humble squeegee. A product with a funny-sounding name that also gives mirrors and windows a scratch-free gleam. What more could you ask for? 

Well... it also happens to be a pretty good alternative to blue roll in some cases.

Many establishments will use a sheet load of blue roll when they're cleaning up pot wash areas and stainless steel prep surfaces.

Instead, simply squeegee scrape these surfaces cdry and then use the excess as part of your floor cleaning routine. Job's a good'un!

Envirolite Cloths from Stephensons

2. Envirolite Cloths

An Envirolite cloth can be the cleaning tool that keeps on giving.

For areas where reuse is acceptable - we're talking floors, behind the bar and underneath worktops - Envirolite is extremely efficient.

The surface of these reusable cloths has an antibacterial coating that will prevent any nasty stuff from growing and they are suitable for wet or dry applications. What's more, the antibacterial coating is retained for up to 15 washes.

This excellent cost-in-use, combined with the antibacterial properties positions Envirolite as a reliable alternative to many blue roll tasks.

M4 Tork Reflex Dispenser from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

3. Tork M4 Reflex Dispenser

This handy, portable dispenser is a super-efficient way of cutting down overzealous blue roll use.

Simply pop the included reflex blue roll into the dispenser and let the lid do the rest. A clever dispense system ensures that sheets can only be taken one at a time. This method drastically reduces over-consumption and prevents cross-contamination as the user only touches the sheets they need. The encased roll is also safe from splashes and dirt during clean up. 

The dispenser can also be utilised back-of-house with a wall mount. This works to create a 'blue roll station', ensuring usage is considered and efficient.

An integrated handle means this dispenser can be easily carried from table to table by front-of-house staff, or attached to a cleaning trolley.


Silicone Lids from Stephensons

4. Silicone Lids

Open a fridge or cast your eyes over the counters during a busy service and you're more than likely to spy lots of half-cooked and opened ingredients in all manner of containers.

As a time-saving method, and because it's usually within sight, back of house staff will often cover these containers with blue roll or foil.

You probably don't need us to tell you this, but that's hardly the most hygienic method of covering food. A much better option would be a silicone lid.

Offering a tight air-lock, leak-proof freshness and a darn sight more protection, silicone lids will not only reduce disposable wastage, but also improve your kitchen hygiene and efficiency.

Silicone lids

Shelf Liner Roll from Stephensons

5. Shelf Liner Roll

If you've ever worked in a kitchen, you'll know that blue roll is often used under a chopping board to help keep it stable. Not only is this pretty wasteful but there's actually a much better (and reusable) option.

Shelf liner! The non-slip foam construction will stop a chopping board from sliding all over the counter surface and you can cut exactly as much as you need.

No longer will you have to peel slightly soggy blue roll away from the counter!

*Figures taken from internal sales data