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Excalibur Food Dehydrator 9 Tray with 26 Hour Timer 17x19x12.5" / 43x48x31cm

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3 - 4 Days

3 - 4 Days

Professional food dehydrators do not come much better than the Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, this food dehydrator is reliable, dependable and renowned for superb performance.


  • Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

  • High quality dehydrator suitable for professional commercial use in the catering industry

  • Suitable for a variety of uses from beef jerky / billtong to vegetable crisps

  • Superb 9 tray food dehydrator

  • 26 hour timer


Excalibur have been leading the way for food dehydrators for over 35 years. Manufactured in Sacramento, California, these food dehydrators are renowned for their build quality, long lasting performance and outstanding results. Suitable for a variety of uses, use this appliance to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, meats, fruit purees and much more.

This Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator features ParaFlexx horizontal airflow for even and uninterrupted drying and a temperature range between 29 and 68 degrees. These features ensure this appliance meets the needs of every dehydration desire and fulfils the task with superb consistency.

The polycarbonate trays inside this food dehydrator are removable and dishwasher safe whilst the door is removable for easy cleaning and hygiene. The polycarbonate trays are square in shape and offer a large space in which to place foods.

This Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator is controlled by a knob adjustable thermostat which is easy to use and has simple functionality, ideal for in a commercial setting.

Manufactured from high quality materials, this commercial food dehydrator is robust and strong. Made from high grade polycarbonate, the Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator is suitable to withstand a rigorous catering environment.

Food dehydrators have made a name for themselves as easy ways to make healthy foods such as fruit leather, vegetable crisps and beef jerky. However, this dehydrator can also be used for raising bread, making yoghurt, dehydrating meat, fish and much more.


Size: 312x432x483mm / 12.5x17x19”  (HxWxD)


Key features:

  • Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

  • Food dehydrator suitable for commercial / professional use in the catering industry

  • Manufactured in Sacramento, California

  • Great way to make fruit leather, vegetable crisps, beef jerky, yoghurt and much more

  • ParaFlexx horizontal airflow for even drying

  • 9 removable dishwasher proof polycarbonate trays

  • Square tray shape

  • Knob controlled adjustable thermostat between 29 and 68 degrees

  • Hanging removable door

  • 26 hour timer

  • Robust polycarbonate heavy duty build

  • Power: 230V

  • Plug fitted

  • 1 year back to base warranty

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