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Professional Catering Napkins from Stephensons


You will find a vast collection of napkins in our takeaway range, suitable for all kinds of businesses that offer takeaway, delivery, or eat-in dining.

At Stephensons we have a huge range of napkins to choose from, so finding the perfect product for your business won't be a challenge. These products are essential for your customers to ensure they enjoy a more comfortable dining experience, as napkins can help to keep hands and faces clean, as well as be used to mop up spills. Whether you're looking for standard napkins for your takeaway or something more deluxe, we have plenty of choices for you to explore.

If your business is looking for ways to become more sustainable, we have an excellent range of eco-friendly napkins available. There are recycled and compostable options you can browse through, and these products are ideal for environmentally conscious operators. Not only are they a greener option compared to others, but they are also reliable and comfortable to use, so you don't need to worry about the impact on your customer's experience. These eco-friendly napkins are great for cafés, coffee shops, street food vendors, and takeaways.

Some of these environmentally friendly napkins are suitable for dispensers, but if you're looking for something different, we have a range of other options for this as well. In addition to dispenser napkins, you can also discover durable and stylish napkin dispensers that are perfect for countertops and tables. Some also feature a clear window so you can easily see when the dispenser needs refilling.

Other options to explore in our range of napkins include cutlery pouch napkins. These are a practical choice and can make for easy table setting, as you can simply place your cutlery into the pre-folded pouch. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, there are many to choose from that will be suitable for all kinds of casual dining spaces. See our cutlery ranges to find the perfect utensils to complete your tableware collection.

If you want to create a more upscale dining experience, explore our premium airlaid napkins instead. These premium airlaid napkins are durable and soft to the touch, making them a perfect fit for these types of environments. Also available in a variety of colours, you can find the right match for your business brand, or to fit the theme of a catered event.

There's also a great selection of cocktail napkins available for your bars, too! These are perfect when serving drinks and can help to protect surfaces from condensation and spills from the glass. The smaller size can also be useful when serving bar snacks or canapés at a function. Additionally, there are patterned napkins available that could be ideal for themed restaurants or celebrations if this is what you need.

If you are looking for napkins for your business, whether you're running a takeaway/food delivery service, or a pub or restaurant, we'll have something for you. To discuss any of these products in more detail, or for other enquiries, call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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