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Cutlery Pouch Napkins

For a quick and easy table setting, discover cutlery pouch napkins in our takeaway packaging product range.

At Stephensons, we have an extensive collection of napkins for you to browse through, from premium airlaid products to cocktail napkins and great value dispenser napkins. Within this range, you can also discover cutlery pouch napkins which might be more suitable for your business.

Cutlery pouch napkins can be a beneficial choice for dining environments that are looking to save time when it comes to table settings. You can find airlaid, pre-folded cutlery pouches napkins that are ideal for restaurants, pubs, bistros, and even for catering large events. These are premium quality napkins, and the innovative design is perfect for easily placing cutlery into the pouch for smart presentation on the tabletop. You can explore our cutlery collection to find the perfect match for an elegant table setting at your restaurant or event.

There are other options for cutlery pouch napkins available if you're looking for something a little more casual for your business needs. The Duni Sacchetto cutlery pouch napkins come in a variety of colours and are complete with a quality tissue napkin that is pre-folded and tucked neatly away. All you need to do is place the cutlery into the pocket and place on your tables. These cutlery pouch napkins can also be used for event catering, pubs, cafés, sandwich shops that allow customers to eat in, and diners.

You can be interested in the Duni sealable sacchettos for your business instead. Just like the regular sacchetto range, they come with a quality tissue napkin, and you will just have to add the cutlery. However, these sealable options allow for further protection of the cutlery inside. This can help improve hygiene practices by limiting the number of people handling these utensils.

Cutlery pouch napkins are also excellent for outdoor dinning, whether that's for beer gardens or terrace spaces, or outdoor event such as summer weddings and garden parties. The reason this style of napkin is so beneficial for this type of dining is because the cutlery that is placed into the pouch can prevent the napkins from blowing away in the breeze. This ensures that all diners have access to their napkins to keep clean and comfortable during their meals, and this can also reduce the number of napkins that will blow away and become litter if not caught and put in the bin.

These cutlery pouch napkins may also be suitable for takeaways, street food vendors, and businesses that offer food delivery service. You could always replace disposable cutlery into these cutlery pouch napkins. You can find several eco-friendly options for this in our cutlery range. It's a smart way to ensure that your customers have everything they need for a pleasant experience while enjoying their meals, even if they aren't dining in your restaurant.

If you'd like to discuss our cutlery pouch napkins in more detail, or you are interested in any of our products, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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