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Food to Go Bags

If you're looking for quality takeaway sandwich bags for your café or sandwich shop, you can find a variety of options in our takeaway packaging collection.

Our range of takeaway sandwich bags are ideal for various food service establishments such as bakeries, delis, coffee shops, and other businesses that offer takeaway options. Whether your selling artisanal loaves of bread and delicious breakfast pastries, or hot paninis and tasty baguette sandwiches, there'll be something that's suitable for your business needs.

For a simple and great value option, our film front takeaway sandwich bags are an excellent choice. Available in 3 different sizes, it's easy to place your food inside, and the transparent film front allows you and your customers to see the contents inside.

If you want a more premium looking option, the kraft sandwich bags are an excellent choice. These too come with a clear window for the better display of your breads, pastries, pies, or sandwiches. They're great for grab-and-go options in the fridge, or for sandwiches and other foods prepared fresh at the counter. You can also find a disposable plastic sandwich bag insert that will help to protect the sandwich and improve presentation. To see more of these types of products, look at our other options in the sandwich shop packaging collection.

Other quick and easy options include our string takeaway sandwich bags, available in white or kraft colouring. This is a varied range with different sizes to choose from and is also incredibly versatile for a takeaway sandwich bag option. While they can be used for sandwiches, pies, and other treats, they can also be utilised by greengrocers and delis for lose fruit, vegetables, and other items.

Our foil lined paper bags can be used for hot or cold foods, but they are particularly useful for the former. The foil helps to retain heat, so if your customers do order a hot sandwiches, sausage roll, paninis, etc., they can still enjoy these items at their best once they're back at home or at work on their lunch breaks.

For more takeaway sandwich bags that are suitable for hot foods, we have various greaseproof options available. This includes the natural non-stick greaseproof panini contact grill bags. These are heat resistant up to 220°C, microwave safe, and will prevent cheese and oil oozing onto the cooking surface. It also keeps the grill marks on the paninis/sandwiches for mouth-watering presentation.

There are also smaller greaseproof bags that are perfect for portions of chips that you may serve on the side of your sandwiches, burgers, etc. They can also be used for other small portions of things like onion rings, or even sweet treats such as brownies or cookies. There are options for gingham print or newspaper print designs too, if you want a more playful look that matches your business brand.

If you're looking for the right takeaway sandwich bags for your business, we have plenty of options to choose from at Stephensons. To discuss these items in more detail or to enquire about another product, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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