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Takeaway Ice Cream Tubs

Ice Cream Containers

Takeaway Ice Cream Tubs

Our range of takeaway ice cream containers and ice cream tubs are great for serving scoops of ice cream and other tasty treats to your customers.

Our ice cream containers are made from food-grade materials and feature a polyethylene (PE) lining. The lining helps keeps contents fresh and will prevent leaks. In fact, the lining makes these containers suitable for hot foods such as soups, cakes with custard and sticky toffee pudding portions.

Need a spoon for your takeaway ice cream? Try our recyclable wooden ice cream spoon.


Why Should I Serve Ice Cream?

Here's some sweet ideas to convince you why ice cream is a great serving option for your venue. 


  • With the low ingredient cost and simple storing/serving, ice cream offers a huge markup that can greatly boost seasonal profits

  • Drive menu creativity and innovation with new flavours, themed flavours and season-specific flavours – how about an England dessert for the world cup? Vanilla Ice Cream with a strawberry sauce cross!

  • Ice cream doesn’t have to be unhealthy – Look at the rise in sorbet, frozen yoghurt and dairy-free ice cream. Dessert doesn’t have to mean gluttony!

  • Ice cream will entice families to visit your establishment.

  • An attractive-looking ice cream will inevitably find its way onto Instagram — in turn boosting your reputation!

  • Kids obviously LOVE ice cream. Make the experience even sweeter with a funky ice cream container design. 

  • July 1st – 31st is National Ice Cream Month. Why not do something special to celebrate? How about a flavour of the week or the option to choose your own toppings?

  • Takeaway Ice cream tubs are a safe and simple way to let customers take ice cream outside to the beer garden and enjoy the weather!

  • A good scoop helps ensure consistency and portion control.


From the 99 to the sundae, ice cream is one of the nation’s favourite desserts and a staple summer treat. It’s a given that as the weather heats up, so do people’s appetites for a frozen sweet treat.  In fact, Zelicia Carr, chief executive of the Ice Cream Alliance, which represents 600 businesses in the UK, says that for the summer time ice cream is seen as “a happy food”. Importantly, she adds that for Britons, it’s viewed as “an affordable treat”.

With a significant markup and the evidently huge popularity in the summer months, it makes sense for operators to serve ice cream and in turn give customers a place to drink, snack and enjoy the weather. Ice cream is a simple yet effective way to ensure that customers will remain in your establishment for longer and it’s also a great way to attract the family market!

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Takeaway Ice Cream Tubs

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