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Takeaway, Re-usable & Disposable Coffee Cups

Takeaway, Re-usable & Disposable Coffee Cups

Takeaway Coffee Cups


At Stephensons, we have a wide selection of takeaway packaging to help every café and coffee shop to run smoothly. This includes a fantastic selection of takeaway coffee cups.

The hot beverage industry is booming, from coffees and teas to fancy hot chocolates, so you will need takeaway coffee cups to keep up with the demand. The options include our simple and plain designs, accompanied by our more colourful and exciting styles.

●       Compostable Takeaway Coffee Cups

●       Manchester Bee' Takeaway Paper Coffee Cups

●       Reusable Coffee Cups

●       Standard PE Lined Takeaway Coffee Cups

●       Takeaway Hot Drinks Accessories

●       Vending Cups

Preserving the quality of your coffee

Coffee keeps our nation running. Our takeaway coffee cups will preserve the quality hot beverage, keeping customers coming back for more! Our PE-lined takeaway coffee cups come in a range of sizes, from 11.5cl to 45cl.

● Great selection of double-walled and triple-walled coffee cups to protect your customers' hands from the heat

● Cardboard carrier trays and coffee cup sleeves from our hot drinks accessories range make holding the cups more comfortable

● Eco-friendly options include compostable takeaway coffee cups and Stephensons Manchester Bee Takeaway Coffee Cup

● Reusable coffee cups present a great merchandising opportunity

● Range of vending cups for cold drinks, including a white compostable paper cone design which is ideal for offices or waiting rooms with water coolers

Explore our range of takeaway coffee cups to find the perfect choice for your café or coffee shop.

Compostable takeaway coffee cups

Our eco-friendly selection of compostable takeaway coffee cups will ensure the taste of your coffee is the only stamp you’ll make on this planet. The collection includes Vegware double-wall compostable coffee cups and biodegradable options with Kraft double-walled and triple-walled coffee cups. Our plain white designs also provide an excellent opportunity for personalisation.

Reusable coffee cups are also an eco-friendly option as it means less waste, and they can be used as part of a deposit and return scheme. Our range of reusable coffee cups are also recyclable at end of life.

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