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Takeaway Beer & Cocktail Carriers

Takeaway Cocktail Packaging from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

Takeaway Cocktail Packaging


  • Innovative solutions for you to offer cocktails-to-go
  • Drink carrier bags allow pre-mixing
  • Safe, transportable plastic glass options
  • Eco-friendly straws and recyclable glasses

Customers can't currently enjoy colourful cocktail creations in bars or restaurants, so we've curated this list of items to let you take the cocktail to them!


Within this range is everything you need to deliver cocktails-to-go. The plastic drinks carrier is an ideal option for carrying pre-mixed cocktails with ease, while other options include our retro looking glass bottles or PET bottles with twistable caps. Other items to help complete the authentic mixology experience include safe-to-deliver plastic cocktail glasses and eco-friendly straws.


So, whether it's a Pina Colada or a Mojito, these items will allow you to bring a bit of the bar home by offering your signature and specially-made mixed drinks through takeaway or delivery.


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Takeaway Beer & Cocktail Carriers

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