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We have an extensive collection of takeaway packaging available at Stephensons, and this includes quality delivery and food carrier bags to help you keep up with demand.

Having all of the necessary takeaway boxes and cups for your orders is key, but you'll also need to stock-up on food carrier bags to make sure everything is delivered easily.

In our food carrier bag range, you will find paper bags, handled and non-handled options, durable carry packs, and quality delivery bags for your drivers. These items are all vital for ensuring that your customers orders are grouped together correctly so that everything is delivered to them in one piece. Explore our selection to discover the perfect food carrier bag options for your business.

Our range of paper food carrier bags is a great place to start, and these are recyclable options that your customers can place in their paper recycling at home. You will find brown and white paper bag options to choose from, all of which have a plain design. This can be beneficial for those who would like to incorporate their business branding onto their food packaging. You can do this by either placing stickers or stamps of your logo onto the food carrier bags. You could even staple business cards on the bags if you wished.

Some of these paper food carrier bags feature handles as part of the design, which can be easy to grab hold of when your orders are ready to be picked up and delivered to your customers. There are even reinforced handle options for additional strength when there are a lot of food items in the bag. This can reduce the need to 'double bag' your orders, reducing the waste of your food carrier bag stock.

You will also find corrugated carry packs available in this selection, and they can offer a durable and reliable method of packaging and delivering your food. Also featuring handles, these packs will serve as an excellent food carrier option that will provide additional protection for the contents inside, as well as smarter delivery presentation.

There are plastic bag options if you prefer this to paper, and these options follow a 'vest' design. They are strong, offer a good capacity size, and are great value for money.

All of the above options are excellent for your individual orders, but if you are looking for larger food carrier bags that are suitable for delivery drivers, we have a great selection for that as well. There are food carrier bags that will be excellent for pizzas thanks to their square shape. These options will help to retain heat and are waterproof for any deliveries made during rainy days.

You can also find other insulated food carrier bags that are big enough to carry multiple orders so that you can keep up with demand during busy periods. In addition to this, there are also insulated food boxes which can be ideal for event caterers who are transporting foods from their kitchens to the event venue. The strength and durability of these boxes helps to protect food in-transit, with the insulated feature helping to maintain food temperature.

If you'd like more information on any of our food carrier bags or takeaway delivery bags, you can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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