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Delivery Bags

Delivery Bags

Takeaway Delivery Bags

Delivery Bags

Making sure that your customers' takeaway orders arrive safely should always be a priority, and investing in the right delivery bags is crucial for this. Not only can a quality takeaway delivery bag help to keep food hot or cold, but they are sturdy enough to help protect the contents inside during transit. Within our vast collection of takeaway packaging you can find a selection of great quality delivery bags to choose from, ranging in different colours and sizes.

If you're looking to replace old delivery bags—or purchase new ones for the launch of your takeaway business—see what Stephensons has to offer to help you keep your customers' orders hot and safe on the road.

We have delivery bags made from vinyl, nylon, and polyester materials—all of which are durable and strong. This is a must for all of the travelling these bags will do during the day. The waterproof nature of these bags is also important, as you need to ensure that food isn't getting damp en route to your customers during rainy spells.

The designs of these bags are also versatile, making them suitable for a variety of businesses and transporting different foods, whether that's delicious pizza, mouth-watering Chinese dishes, or a flavoursome curry. Some options also include a clear plastic window on the top, allowing delivery drivers to keep track of customer addresses and order tickets as they drop off the food.

You will also find delivery bag accessories such as inserts, which can be a great way to provide some additional support and security when food is being delivered. The removal of these inserts can also make it easier to store these bags more compactly when they're not in use.

Adjustable straps are another excellent feature of these delivery bags, and one that your delivery drivers will appreciate. It will enable them to secure the bags on their backs or across their bodies, while also ensuring better comfort for them while carrying out their jobs.

Various size options within our delivery bag collection also benefit takeaways and restaurants offering a delivery service. Although you may frequently get large orders or need to take out multiple deliveries at once, for the smaller meal requests it's important to have suitable bags as well. The smaller sized options could help reduce food from spilling and sliding in the delivery bag, which could happen in larger bags if they're not sufficiently full. This also means easier transportation for your delivery drivers, who don't need to carry a big delivery bag around with them unnecessarily.

When you are running a busy takeaway business, or a restaurant that also offers a delivery service, you need to make sure you can keep with demand. Investing in a range of quality food packaging for takeaway meals is important—such as food carrier bags—but having the key accessories like delivery bags to transport your orders is equally essential. Browse our range of quality delivery bags so that you can find the right options for your business.

If you have any questions about delivery bags or other products, please do get in touch. You can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email the team at

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