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Takeaway & Home Delivery Containers

Takeaway & Home Delivery Containers

Takeaway and Home Delivery Packaging


Choose from a selection of takeout food boxes to suit every takeaway meal and cuisine. Our collection of takeaway packaging features high-quality takeout food boxes in a range of different sizes and materials, made specifically for different takeaway choices too.

Food cartons and meal boxes will cater for almost any takeaway treat, whilst our aluminium foil takeaway containers will keep meals hot from the moment they leave the restaurant to when they arrive at the door. Special-made boxes for pizzas, fish and chips, burgers, and noodles mean Britain’s favourite takeouts are covered in style. Don’t forget your sauce pots to go with them!

●       Aluminium Foil Takeaway Containers

●       Bagasse Takeaway Containers

●       Burger Takeaway Boxes

●       Cake Boxes & Cases

●       Clear Plastic Takeaway Containers

●       Faerch Hot Deli Deluxe Containers

●       Fish & Chip Boxes

●       Food Cartons & Meal Boxes

●       Infinity Kraft Food Boxes

●       Noodle Boxes

●       Pizza Boxes

●       Reusable Containers

●       Sabert BePulp Containers

●       Sabert Black Fastpac Containers

●       Sauces & Side Order Containers

Takeout food boxes made to transport

Top priority is placed on making sure the food placed in these containers is protected in transit and the temperature is retained. High-quality structural integrity ensures food doesn't spill or get squashed.

● Environmentally friendly compostable takeout food boxes available

● Food packaging options from renowned brands such as Sabert and Faerch

● Compostable pizza boxes come in sizes from 7" to 16"

● Eco-fibre burger boxes are grease and leak-resistant, recyclable, and suitable for freezing and microwaving

● Retro fish and chip boxes and quality greaseproof paper ensure the nation’s favourite meal remains hot, fresh, and tasty.

All our takeout food boxes here at Stephensons come plain in their design so they can be personalised with your restaurant or takeaway’s branding. We are your one-stop-shop for all food containers, making sure your food remains to a high standard throughout transportation.

Reusable takeout food boxes

Food containers are not just for takeaways, as your restaurant is likely to use them in your pantry or food store too. Reusable containers can also be particularly effective in offices or university canteens.

A closed-loop system between caterers and customers can be implemented at occasions such as festivals and pop-up dining events with a deposit and return scheme in place.

Our selection of reusable containers is microwave and dishwasher safe, so they can easily be returned and washed for future use. They are leakproof, resistant to staining and odours, and suitable for stacking too.

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