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Bagasse Takeaway Containers

Bagasse Takeaway Containers

Bagasse Takeaway Packaging

Bagasse is made from sugarcane pulp and is an eco-friendly food packaging choice that is popular within the food service industry.

Not only is bagasse recyclable, but it is great for heat retention and is microwave safe. These bagasse food boxes are water-resistant, and can withstand water temperatures up to 100°C and are oil-resistant for temperatures up to 150°C. There are also chip trays available in this range.

These boxes and trays are brilliant for takeaway businesses, but they have also been a popular choice for street food vendors as well. They are great for events such as festivals or sports matches, and they are comfortable to use. They can also be stacked to help save space in preparation areas. They're suitable for a variety of foods from sandwiches, burgers, chips, jacket potatoes, salads, and more.

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