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Noodle Boxes

Noodle Boxes

A similar design to the classic American-style Chinese food boxes, these noodle boxes can be utilised for more than than what the name implies. Rice dishes, spring rolls, stir-fried meats, and other dishes could be placed in these boxes for takeaway and home deliveries. The simplistic designs are also excellent for personalisation if you wanted to place stickers with your brand's logo on them to leave your mark.

These are great for heat retention and protecting food in transit. Some boxes are also microwave safe for re-heating if necessary. They are also leakproof to make sure that nothing spills out when food is on its way to customers. Some boxes also come with handles that might be more comfortable to use for the customer or when they are being carried out and packed up for deliveries.

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Noodle Boxes

Round Noodle Boxes

Square Noodle Boxes