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Takeaway Labelling

Takeaway and Home Delivery Labelling

Takeaway Labelling

The Stephenson's range of takeaway and home delivery packaging also includes a useful selection of takeaway labelling solutions to help legitimise and organise your offering.

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Allergen Label Starter Kit

Allergen Label Starter Kit

  • Kit includes: 1x 500 Allergen Alert Labels, 2x Disposable Dispenser Labelling Sets

  • Labelling sets cover 14 major allergens

  • Easy dispensing

This kit includes 1 roll of 500 Allergen Alert Labels and 2 sets of Disposable Allergen Labels in
Disposable Dispensers. 

The Allergen Alert Labels feature a simple tick box style that is easy to use and quick to full out.
On a roll of 500, these labels are plentiful. 

The Disposable Dispenser Labelling Sets include milk, eggs, mustard, peanuts, fish, sesame and soya
labels among many others. The disposable dispenser is easy to operate and simplifies labelling.


DayMark MenuPilot Labelling System

DayMark MenuPilot Labelling System

  • Video & recipe data can be uploaded at a central location and shared with all connected store locations

  • Allows users to print labels wirelessly

  • Secure & cloud based

Shelf life, nutritional facts, allergen information and prep data can be organised, monitored and modified virtually anytime and anywhere. This information is securely accessible from any internet connection and the service is cloud-based.

MenuPilot provides a comprehensive overview, including announcements, account metrics and number of users currently using the platform. Updates are securely and efficiently pulled in via the cloud.


Date Code Genie Labelling System

Date Code Genie Automated Label Printer

  • New & improved design
  • Free demonstration available
  • Continuity across multiple sites
  • Include allergens on any label
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Improve legibility
  • Print custom labels
  • Controlled from a central location
  • CE marked 

If your staff are filling out more than 200 date labels per week, then Date Code Genie is for you!


Takeaway Labelling

  • Legitimise your takeaway offerings
  • Reinforce good allergen practice
  • Quicker and more accurate than writing labels by hand

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, takeaway and delivery is crucial for so many establishments. Offering food and drinks by a delivery model is a way to keep operating in trying times and these labels will help legitimise your service. 

Within this category, we have attractive options that add pizzazz and info such as our four pint carrier labels and our 'Take Out To Help Out' logos. In addition, we also have stickers that can easily mark delivery and takeout items with important information such as allergens and dietary specifications including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

If you'd like your own personalised version of a label, perhaps emblazoned with your brand logo or the name of a popular beer or dish, please do get in touch with us on or 0161 483 6256. Please note that personalised printed labels will have a minimum print order quantity. 

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