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Tamper-Proof Food Safety Labels

Tamper-Proof Food Safety Labels

Tamper Proof Takeaway Labels

SecureIt® Tamper-Evident Food Labels are a great way of improving food safety & security while showing the customer that as a business you have an increased level of care & commitment to their takeaway food being delivered safely & untampered with. 


Key Features:

  • Tamper-evident food labels
  • Strong adhesive
  • Cut marks that break if tampered with
  • Additional food safety & security
  • Bright red identifiable label
  • Peace of mind for customers
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  1. SecureIt Tamper Evident Food Sealing Label
    Pack of 500
    SecureIt Tamper-Evident Food Pack Label 1x3" / 25x75mm
    In Stock In Stock
  2. SecureIt Tamper Evident Medium Takeaway Label
    Pack of 500
    SecureIt Tamper-Evident Takeaway Label 1.5x6" / 38x152mm
    To Order :<br>Estimated 8-9 Days To Order :
    Estimated 8-9 Days
  3. SecureIt Tamper Evident Large Food Label
    Pack of 500
    SecureIt Tamper-Evident Large Takeaway Label 2.5x6" / 64x152mm
    In Stock In Stock
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