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Candles & Holders

Candles & Holders

Bolsius Candles & Holders from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

Candles and Holders

Candles are a great way to set the right mood, and we have many options from Bolsius and other renowned brands to choose from. These are excellent items to add to your front of house equipment to make a positive and lasting impression on your guests.

Candles are often found in stylish candle holders on restaurant dining tables, but these aren't the only spaces you can use them. They can be placed in a safe place behind the bar to create some soft lighting that gently illuminates your spirit bottles, for example. If you run a hotel that has spa facilities, candles in some of these spaces can help to add to that relaxing atmosphere your guests are craving, too.

While tealights are ideal for mood lighting, you might prefer to use larger candles to set the tone. As mentioned previously, we have a selection of Bolsius candles for you to browse through. Bolsius candles are recognised around the world for their quality, and are frequently spotted in restaurants, bars, and other hospitality businesses.

The Bolsius Twilight candles might be the most recognisable options, with their distinctive colourful glass holders and unique shape. These Bolsius candles can offer a 70-hour burn time and a smoke-free flame, making them a perfect choice for bars and restaurants. The colourful textured glass is also aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of shades to pick from. These colour options can make it easy to find a scheme that fits your business brand or general décor themes. They can also be used inside and outdoors, and are vegan friendly.

Other options include the Bolsius Starlight candles and the Bolsius Relights. The former options are available at Stephensons in red, amber, white, and clear glass jars. These candles are smaller than the Twilight range, and offer 50-hours burn time. The Bolsius Relight candles also come in a variety of different colours, and offer 30-hours of burn time. As these candles come ready in a colorful container, they can be easily replaced in stylish candle holders when they burn out, leaving behind no waxy residue on the candle holders. These Bolsius candle option are vegan friendly, too!

In our front of house candle collection, you can also discover options for alter candles and tapered candles. These styles can be a preferred choice to tealights or smaller candles, particularly if you're trying to make a statement. Altar candles can be particularly effective for events, or grand dining spaces where they will become a table centrepiece. They can also look great in spa environments or as decorative touches to hotel rooms or serviced apartments.

Tapered candles will look elegant and dramatic in the right holders or a candelabra, and we have a variety of different coloured options for you to browse. These sort of candles might work well for weddings or special catered events.

There is also a selection of lighters and non-refillable liquid wax candles if these are other front of house items you require.

If you would like to learn more about our Bolisus candle options or other choices available, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email us at

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