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Tealights & Holders


In our Front of House range, you'll find a great selection of wholesale tealights and stylish tealight holders to explore.

Buying wholesale tealights in bulk can be a great way to save your business money, especially if you do use candlelight frequently to add to the ambience in your bar, restaurant, or for a catering event. At Stephensons, you will find great value Bolsius tealights as well as our own brand options.

Why bother with restaurant tealights? By place delicate tealight candles on the table, you can create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, helping to improve the overall experience for your customers.

Try the Stephensons 8 hour tealights candles for excellent burn time at great value. These are ideal for busy restaurants and bars, as the 8 hour tealights will last throughout the evening, saving your staff time replacing burnt out candles during service. If you're looking for something smaller for your event, bar, or restaurant, there are also 4 hour tealight candles available.

As for candle holders, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you want to keep things simple, our clear glass candle holders are excellent for attractive tabletops and timeless style. There are also crystal-style options for those looking to add some texture or want to incorporate a vintage look into their presentation.

If you want to add some colour to your tabletops, there are plenty of options for that as well. For a rustic look, the Authentico tealight candle holders are ideal. Available in green, blue, and a light smoked design, they are perfect for an understated, relaxed look. For something slightly bolder, the Chunky Red Glass tealight holder is a great choice. All of these will work wonderfully with our 8 hour tealights for your restaurant or bar.

You can be creative with how you use your restaurant tealights, too. While you might choose to use these on dining tables, this isn't the only place your tealight candles can offer soft illumination. You could always strategically place tealights in stylish holders on bar shelves for a vintage feel. They could even help to draw attention to special spirits you want your customers to notice.

Another option is using tealight candles in lanterns and placing them in your beer gardens or for an outdoor summer event. This could work particularly well for weddings as it can create a romantic atmosphere and elegant aesthetics. Whichever way you choose to use your tealight candles, they won't fail to improve the ambience and enhance the décor in your establishment.

If you are seeking wholesale tealights or other candles for your business, Stephensons has a lot to offer. From reliable 8 hour tealight candles at excellent value, to our decorative candle holders, you can find the perfect fit for your bar or restaurant.

To learn more about what we have on offer, you can always call our team on 0161 483 6256. Alternatively, email for further information. We're always happy to help!

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