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Food Serving Trays

Food Serving Trays


Explore our range of stylish food serving trays in our front of house equipment collection.

The way you present your food is all part of the dining experience, and it's a great opportunity to impress diners and be creative. While there are all kinds of options to explore when it comes to your presentation style, these food serving trays are a versatile choice.

It's not uncommon to see food serving trays used in restaurants that feature American favourites like burgers, BBQ ribs, chicken wings, and so forth. They're excellent for creating that relaxed, rustic smokehouse vibe, while still allowing plenty of space for hearty portions. Although several of our food serving trays will be perfect for this kind of setting, you could certainly use them for different cuisines and environments.

Our selection of enamel food serving trays could be ideal for a quirky way to serve a classic Sunday roast, particularly in a cosy country pub. Alternatively, they can be used for things like sandwiches, burgers, or even as a sharing platter in a bar or restaurant. You may even want to use these food serving trays for bigger portions of vegetables or sides that you might be serving to a large crowd at once. The enamel food serving trays offer a rustic, vintage style that is perfect for casual settings.

If enamel tableware isn't the right look for your business, then perhaps our Vintage Steel serving trays would be a better fit? They also offer a relaxed look with plenty of charm can complement a variety of cuisines from grilled meats to seafood. Available in various sizes, you could even use some of these food serving trays for desserts. The Vintage Steel trays come in rectangular and coupe shapes for further versatility as well. Match them with some of our metallic chip pots to complete the look.

When it comes to stylish food presentation, these serving trays offer a fun, playful approach that your diners will love. They are ideal for casual settings and while they might be most frequently used for burgers, etc., they can be suitable for other cuisines as well. If you want to get the most our of your food serving trays, make sure to line them with greaseproof paper to absorb any excess grease and oil from the food being served. This could also add to the appearance and contribute to an authentic, rustic style.

If you like the look of our food serving tray range and would like to find other products that will complement them, browse through our food serving buckets and options for chip presentation. You might also like some of the options in our serving dish range, which is ideal for side orders of fries, onion rings, vegetables, and more.

Our team is always happy to help if you're not sure which range is right for your business, or if you have any queries regarding our products. To learn more about our food serving tray collection, or any other products for food presentation, call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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