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Menus & Order Taking

Menus & Order Taking

Menus and Order Taking

If you're looking for some stylish menu covers for your restaurant or bar, you'll find a great selection of options in our front of house supplies range.

Having menus ready for your customers to see what food and drinks you have to offer is essential, and presenting these smartly is equally important. Even in casual dining spaces it looks better if your menus are covered, and these can make them easier to clean between services for a professional appearance.

We have a range of clear PVC menu covers if you are looking for something simple and effective for your restaurant, bar, or room service menus. Alternatively, if you would like a more upmarket look for your establishment, you can find a traditional Douglas menu covers, our textured menu covers, or our leather-effect menu covers for a sleeker look.

Want something a little bit different? Why not consider our selection of cork-effect menu covers instead? These would work particularly well for wine bars, as these can match the theme of your speciality wines.

If you business follows more rustic, relaxed stylings then you might prefer our wood-effect menu covers. These are great for pubs and other casual dining settings that incorporate pared-back décor themes or naturalistic stylings as part of their branding.

We also have metal-effect menu covers that can offer smart appearances that will work in casual dining settings. These could work particularly well in city bars and restaurants that like an industrial, modern look when it comes to their overall presentation style.

There are also clipboards available if you want to keep things simple and relaxed, and these can be used for your various menus, or to keep other important documents like a guest list for an event, for example. There are menu holders too if you want to place any menus on tables in this fashion, including lists of special offers on drinks, food, special lunctime menus, etc.

We also have a great range of order pads and other accessories your servers can use. This includes carbon and non-carbon order pads for you to choose from, whichever your preference might be. There are also options for detailed order pads, and these include lists for starters, mains, and desserts. They also feature floor plan diagrams that your servers might find useful, particularly during busy service periods.

Other accessories you can find here include stylish tip trays to present your customers' bills on, leaving them the option to leave behind a cash tip for your waiting staff with ease. There are also faux leather bill presenters if you want a more sophisticated approach when giving your customers their final bill after their meals.

There are also order racks available here that are perfect for use in the kitchen to keep things organised and running smoothly. This includes check spikes where you can dispose of completed orders and payments neatly.

Presentation is important if you want to give your customers the right impression for your business, whether you're running a fine dining establishment or a laid-back pub or diner. Make sure you have everything you need to present your menus properly to your guests with our great selection of menu covers and other accessories.

If you'd like to discuss any of these products in more detail, we're always happy to help. Please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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