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Humble 'Two Range' Cordless Table Lamps

Humble 'Two Range' Cordless Table Lamps

Humble 'Two Range' Cordless Table Lamp

They're a great choice for hospitality settings, and are a great addition to the Stephensons table lamps collection.

If you're looking for a smart, contemporary solution to mood lighting, then the Humble Two lamps are an excellent solution. These compact lamps are incredibly versatile, and can be used as table centrepieces, as bedside lighting, to illuminate hallways, and much more.

The Humble Two lamps are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere in your establishment, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. These lamps are waterproof, and can offer up to 96 hours of light of after only 4-to-6 hours charging time. You can use the available wireless charging dock that holds up to six lamps at a time.

You can also choose between three brightness levels (candles, ambience, and work modes) to control the atmosphere you want to create with your lighting. These lamps can be controlled via remote control, provided they are within a 10 metre range from where you are standing. This is practical for hospitality businesses that want to save time, rather than having to manually adjust individual lamps.

The Humble cordless lamps have been designed to last, with easy to maintain components that can also be replaced if necessary. This makes the Humble lamps a worthwhile investment, as they are a more cost-effective choice in the long-term when compared to candles or cordless lamps of a lesser-quality. Even the LED bulbs are replaceable.

In addition to being a practical approach to mood lighting, these cordless lamps are also stylish. The Humble Two lamps follow contemporary design, with neutral colours that can blend into the majority of settings. There are also frosted shade options and smoked shade options for a more interesting approach.

You will also see linen shades available as part of the Humble Two collection of cordless lamps. These options still look modern in their design, but can offer a slightly softer appearance. All of these choices are attractive, however, and will look great as part of the décor in pubs, bars, hotels, offices, and more.

If you'd like to learn more about these Humble cordless lamps we have available, please contact us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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