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Utopia Premium Illumina Table Lamp Collection

Utopia Premium Illumina Table Lamps

Candlelight can be an excellent tool in creating a relaxed atmosphere, but cordless table lamps are equally effective and comparatively more practical. While each establishment will have a preference over what to use for their mood lighting, if you are currently seeking an alternative to candles, this is certainly a great place to start.

Stephensons has a great selection of table lamps to explore, including Utopia Tableware's Premium Illumina Table Lamps collection. It boasts various design to choose from, all of which can offer contemporary elegance to enhance the appearance of your restaurant and bar tables, you reception areas, and even hotel rooms and offices. If you are looking for a modern approach to ambient lighting, this could be it.

What makes cordless lamps such as great alternative to candles? There are several benefits to making the switch, one being that they can be a lot more cost-effective long-term. Candles might appear to be cheaper when you're considering upfront costs, but overtime, replacing them can start eating into your budgets. Cordless table lamps are rechargeable, and they can be used time and time again. Furthermore, the LED bulbs used in the Utopia Illumina Table Lamp ranges are long-lasting, reducing the need to replace these bulbs as frequently.

Another key benefit to switching to cordless table lamps is that they aren't as high-risk when it comes to fires and potential injury. Candles, even when placed in candle holders, can still pose a threat thanks to the open flame. They could catch on clothing, or other table décor items, for example. Guests could also accidentally burn themselves on the flame as they reach across tables, or graze a hot candle holder. This isn't something you need to worry about with cordless table lamps, and there's also no wires that might be tripped on.

You can also use the Utopia Premium Illumina Table Lamps in outdoor spaces, which is great if your business has an outdoor terrace for drinks and dining. They could also be utilised for private events such as corporate gatherings, anniversary parties, or performing arts events that might take place outside during the summer months.

While cordless table lamps are a contemporary trend, this collection can offer designs that will fit both modern and vintage-inspired setting. For example, the Antigua lamps follow a curvaceous design that is smooth and sophisticated. It will sit well in trendy, modern spaces whilst still feeling at home in a space that pays homage to the stylings of bars from the 1940s or a similar era. This lamp also comes in a micro size to save space on small tables.

These cordless lamps are also water and dust resistant, and you can find a compatible charging tray for them at Stephensons as well. If you are looking for a smart way to create the right ambience in your establishment, this is a great place to start.

If you'd like to discuss any of the Utopia Illumina Table Lamps, or alternative products, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact the team on 0161 483 6256 or email us at 

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Utopia Premium Illumina Table Lamp Collection

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