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Trays & Trolleys

Trays & Trolleys

Trays and Trolleys

At Stephensons, you can find your perfect catering trolleys and food trays in our front of house supplies collection.

Catering trolleys are versatile items to have at hand for your professional catering operations, whether you specialise in event catering or work in a restaurant kitchen. Use them to collect dirty plates, or to move platters or prepared food to fridge, or to your display counters and dining spaces with ease.

Our catering trolleys are strong and durable, making them a reliable choice for fast-paced kitchens. We have two and triple-tier options to choose from, with many being made from stainless steel. If you are looking for catering trolleys to use as part of your front of house presentation, our two-tier cutlery trolleys and trays might be ideal. They can be put to great use in in canteens or other self-service spaces. They're also excellent for helping you move food items from your kitchen to your buffet displays, particulalry if you have already prepared buffet food trays for presentation.

You will also notice a selection of bins that you can attach to your catering trolleys. These are very useful if you are going to utilise your trolleys for clean-up duties, as any food waste or other rubbish left on the tables can be quickly disposed and removed from the dining areas.

We also have an adjustable dish caddy for plates and bowls available as part of our catering trolley collection. This tool is excellent for collecting dirty dishes effectively and in large quantities, which is ideal for big spaces like office canteens, or perhaps in healthcare environments such as hospitals or care homes.

In addition to our standard catering trolleys, you can find options for Gastronorm tray trolleys which is perfect for moving food in food preparation areas. For example, you could place trays of pastries or other baked goods on these trolleys, and move them to the ovens with ease to be cooked. Alternatively, taking away hot trays and placing them on these trolleys to cool down could also be beneficial.

There are also tall trolleys to use for clearing plates if this design is preferable and more practical for your business than the shorter catering trolleys. Finally, there are catering trolleys that have been designed for use in hotels for room service, as well as a container to match.

While we have a great selection of catering trolleys, you will also find a great choice of trays to choose from here. These can be used for your bar spaces to serve drinks to guests at their tables. They can also be used to serve food in restaurants, too, or for fast-food environments and takeaways. There are also plenty of options that would be suitable in healthcare settings to serve food to patients, or for children in school canteens.

In our catering trolleys and trays selection you can find a great variety of options to browse through. No matter what you're setting, you should be able to find something suitable for your catering and hospitality operations.

If you'd like to discuss any of these products in more detail, or have another enquiry you'd like assistance with, please get in touch. You can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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