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Beer Glasses

Beer Glasses

The Lantern Tankard is exclusively available from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

Beer Glasses: Find the perfect vessel to help enhance the flavour, clarity and aromatics of whatever you choose to pour.


  • Great selection of beer glasses and tankards

  • Different variants for craft beers, stouts, pilsners & more

  • For pubs, bars, restaurants and other establishments

  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers


This collection of beer glasses is unparalleled due to its outstanding variety and price points. Whatever your requirements or budget, our glasses are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Deciding on the right glasses for your customers is essential and the right choice will depend on your establishment, budget and alcoholic offerings.

If you serve lager at your bar, look out for nucleated glasses which are designed to release gas and preserve the head of the beer.

Most pint, half pint and schooner glasses carry a CE mark or LCE mark. These represent legal measures of alcohol for commercial outlets. CE marked glasses hold a legal measure to the brim and LCE marked glasses hold a legal measure to the line.

Some of the popular beer glass variants within this range include: 


Beer Tankards

Traditional beer tankards have seen a huge upsurge in popularity during recent years, something we have noticed here at Stephensons and which has also been reported on BBC News. Classic dimpled glasses remain a firm favourite in pubs and bars across the country due to their familiar design and chunky durability. There are now many contemporary style beer mugs available as well as plastic beer tankards for the summer.

In 2017, we decided to get in on the act with our revivial of Britain's first handled beer glass — The Lantern Tankard

Nonic Glasses

Nonic pint glasses are widely used in the UK and are favoured for their functional design and durable nature. Easy to store, great for stacking, these glasses are a great all-rounder.

Conical Glasses

Conical glasses, also known as American-style glasses and shaker pint glasses, offer fantastic value and can be found in most UK pubs and bars.

Stemmed Glasses

Stemmed glasses are an extremely attractive alternative and are perfect for serving craft beer, ale, cider and even cocktails. Characterised by strong, thick glass, a wide mouth and defined base, these glasses are also known as beer goblets and beer chalices.

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