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Beer Glasses

Beer Glasses

The Lantern Tankard is exclusively available from Stephensons Catering Suppliers


Choosing the right glasses for serving pints is just as important as choosing the beer itself. Discover the perfect vessel in our collection of beer glasses that will enhance the flavour, clarity, and aroma of every pint you pull.

Explore Our Range of Beer Glasses

Our collection of beer glasses is unparalleled due its outstanding variety and price point. Lager, craft beer, stout; whatever beer you're serving, we have the right glass to enhance any beer drinking experience. After all, the perfect pint deserves the perfect glass.

While looks are important, we know that the right beer glass offers even more. For example, our nucleated glasses are perfect for serving lager to thirsty guests due to their clever design that releases gas and preserves the head of your beer.

The majority of our pint, half pint, and schooner glasses also carry a CE mark or LCE mark, which represents legal measures of alcohol for commercial outlets. Having these marks on your beer glasses makes it easier for catering companies and bars to stick to legal serving measures.

Our collection of beer glasses includes options for every type of brew under the sun. However, some of the popular beer glass variants within this range include:

Craft Beer Glasses

Beers that are a little bit more special deserve a glass to match. Our selection of craft beer glasses has been designed to enhance that full sensory drinking experience these beers are known and loved for. Matching your craft beer to the right glass will also show guests your expertise about what's in their glass!

The Stephensons range of craft beer glasses has been collated to give catering professionals an option for every type of craft beer. Whether it's the aroma-aiding shapes of the Teku and the Craft Master One for an IPA, or our concical beer sampling glasses which allow customers to try before they buy, we have everything you need to serve up the perfect craft beer with a service just as special as the drink itself.

Beer Tankards

Traditional beer tankards have seen a huge upsurge in popularity in recent years. While these beer glasses and tankards were near obsolete twenty years ago, the UK's newfound love for cask ale brews, and the rise in independent breweries popping up in major cities, has meant there are just as many young people drinking out of dimple beer tankards as they more mature drinkers who savour these classic pints.

Our traditional dimple design continues to remain a firm favourite in British pubs and bars, however, there are also several other new tankard styles quickly rising in popularity. Let your guests drink like the Germans do with our Oktoberfest beer stein glasses, or serve up twice as much great beer with our 2 pint beer steins—perfect for larger events. If you're looking for a classy twist on a signature style, look no further than our copper beer tankards.

Pint and Half Pint Glasses

While new varieties of beer glasses come in and out of style, pint glasses remain a constant staple for catering professionals looking to serve thirsty guests. The majority of our pint glasses have been toughened and specifically designed to withstand the demands of a busy bar environment—perfect for events where the pints don't stop flowing!

Our selection of pint and half pint glasses come in various styles so you can find something that perfectly fits your business. We've got our most popular nonic beer glasses; this is the most traditional pint shape and are known for being great all-rounders when it comes to durability, stacking, and ease of storage.

Alternatively, our tulip beer glasses are a great choice for Guinness and other dry stouts, while our concical beer glasses offer a more American-style approach to beer and are perfect for any bar that serves refreshing beers on draught.

To learn more about selection of beer glasses, or to speak with us about other catering and bar supplies, you can give our friendly team a call on 0161 483 6256 or email

Get Your Beer Glasses Delivered Straight to Your Door

You can browse our full range of beer glasses and bar equipment on our online store. If your order before 3pm, you'll get your supplies in just two working days—so you can start pulling pints in no time!

Please note the lead times on our products when you are ordering online, as this can impact delivery times. Additionally, while we always endeavour to deliver your order as quickly as possible, this may take longer during busier periods.

Based in the Northwest? Get your items even quicker by swinging by our Stockport wholesale showroom. We've got plenty of stock just waiting to go, including our impressive collection of beer glasses, so you can leave with a van full of catering supplies.

Popping into our Cash & Carry also gives you the chance to meet our friendly team who can assist you with everything you need for your catering business. They can explain how you can sign up for a Stephensons Trade Account and save money on bulk orders, and also receive great recommendations for the supplies that your business may need to go the extra mile for your guests!

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