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Beer Growlers & Take Out Carriers


To find a suitable takeaway container for beer, explore these options in our glassware range.

If you want to offer your customers the option of taking home beers that aren't just in cans or bottles, you'll need to make sure you have the right container for beer to do this. You can find a selection of beer carriers and growlers in our wider beer glasses range to prepare draught beers for your customers to take home and enjoy. Our 4 pint beer carriers are available in two options. One is clear making it easy to see the contents inside, and the other has an amber colour to prevent spoilage and 'skunking' which may be more suitable depending on the type of beer served.

Both containers for beer are made from durable food-grade laminate material, making them compact when in storage. When they are full, they are stable, and feature finger holes for easy carrying. They also have an easy-pour spout and can pour accurately without glugging.

Our range of glass growlers are an alternative option for your containers for beer. Available in a range of sizes, they're a great option for a more rustic look. There is a clear option and amber alternatives to help protect beer from UV rays and keep your beverages fresh. They can also be used for cider. You may even find them useful for decorative purposes behind the bar for a relaxed, country-style look.

In addition to suitable containers for beer, you can also discover options for other takeaway drinks. The clear pouches we have available are great for pre-mixed cocktails that people can enjoy on a sunny day in the garden. These pouches make it easy to see the contents for the benefit of your staff and customers, and come in various sizes to suit your serving needs. They have easy-pour spouts too, and are also made from food-grade laminate, compact when in storage, and feature a screw cap with a tamper evident seal to give peace of mind to your customers. You can also find a funnel to help fill these pouches and the glass bottles available with ease.

We also have disposable plastic pint glasses and reusable options if this is suitable for your business needs. These products are great for beer gardens and large events such as music festivals or sporting events. Moulded fibreboard carriers and compact carry trays that can be easily assembled can also be beneficial for your customers when taking their drinks from the bar to the table.

Our takeaway containers for beer are great for pubs, bars, or breweries that want to give their customers the option to take the draught beers home with them. These pouches can also be useful for special events such as cocktail making classes, or any other occasion where participants will take drinks home with them.

If you'd like to discuss any of these containers for beer and other drinks in more detail, our team is always happy to help. You can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email for further information.

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