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The Lantern 10-Sided Tankard

The Lantern 10-Sided Tankard

A Lantern lights up any drink...

Stephenson’s are delighted to bring you the revival of a forgotten British classic – The ten-sided Lantern Tankard.

With a decorated heritage dating back to the 1920’s and beyond, this iconic glassware became the favourite of the discerning beer drinker for its unique ability to show the hue of its contents with an unrivalled clarity. Add to this a sturdy handle, plus a timeless panelled design, and you have the equation for a superior drinking receptacle.

A faithful recreation of the beer tankard once produced by the Crystal Glass Company of Knottingley, West Yorkshire this pint-to-brim glass is available in classic and nucleated to suit ales, cider or lager equally well. The Lantern Tankard is set to prove that tradition and trend can go hand-in-hand.

As George Orwell once said – “Never make the mistake of serving a pint in a handleless glass”…

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