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Brandy Glasses

Brandy Glasses

Brandy & Whisky Tasting Glassware from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

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If you are looking for stylish brandy glasses for your bar, then explore our glassware range to discover the perfect choice for your business.

Brandy is a classic spirit that will warm you up on a cold winter's day, but it can be enjoyed at any time of year. Throughout the centuries brandy has been a popular choice of spirit, and if you do serve premium brandy at your bar, you must invest in the correct brandy glasses for your customers to get the most out our their drinking experience.

Brandy glasses do more than improve the aesthetics of your drink presentation, they serve a practical purpose too. The large bowl design helps to enhance the flavours and aromas of the spirit, which is why having the correct brandy glasses is essential for tasting events or to enjoy a high-quality brandy as an after-dinner drink or a casual tipple.

At Stephensons you will find a great selection of brandy glasses to choose from. Varying in price and style, you're sure to find the right fit for your business. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, the classic Bistro brandy glass could be the best choice. Following a simple and traditional design, these brandy glasses are durable and excellent value. They will suit a variety of establishments such as pubs, bistros, restaurants, and are also suitable for catered events.

If you'd like something a little more contemporary with a premium feel, then the Chef & Sommelier 'Open Up' brandy glasses might be closer to what you're looking for. Made from high-quality crystal glass, it's a great option for stylish restaurants, distilleries, and anywhere that offers specialist brandy or hosts tasting events. The angled bowl has been designed to aid the release of molecules to develop the aroma and flavour of the brandy. This ultimately enhances the drinking experience, making this glass an excellent choice for superior serves.

For another stylish and quality option, you might want to look at the Crown Crystal Thames brandy glass. Made from quality lead-free crystal, this range offers excellent clarity and timeless sophistication.

If you would like to incorporate vintage stylings into your drink presentation, the Speakeasy Swing brandy glass is a wonderful contemporary take on this type of design. With its reinforced stem and rims, it's not only a stylish choice but a practical one too, as it has been manufactured to withstand the demands of a busy bar environment. This is a crystal glass range by Luigi Bormioli, and the ribbed lines that are the signature of this design offer beautiful optics to improve overall presentation. While they have been inspired by vintage style, these brandy glasses have a modern touch that make them suitable for contemporary bars as well as those that incorporate 1920s style as part of their brand.

While we do have a great selection of brandy glasses for you to choose from, make sure you do look at our other glassware options available. You could find the perfect tumbler sets to complement your brandy glasses or find some stylish wine glasses for your bar or restaurant instead. Whatever it is you need, Stephensons has you covered!

If you would like to discuss any of our brandy glasses in more detail, please contact us on 0161 483 6256 or email for more information.

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