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Jugs, Carafes, Bottles & Decanters

Jugs, Carafes, Bottles & Decanters

Jugs, Carafes, Bottles & Decanters from Stephensons Catering Suppliers


For an attractive, traditional touch to your table settings, browse through our selection of carafes, decanters, and bottles in our glassware range.

Carafes can be excellent pieces of glassware to invest in as they are so versatile. Often used to serve in wine in a relaxed, European manner, it's a great way to do something a bit different for your customers. This will certainly work well in Mediterranean restaurants that want to capture that traditional feel for the dining experience. In addition to wine, carafes can be used to serve sangria, or soft drinks like juices, homemade lemonades, and water.

We have various designs for you to browse through, from traditional carafes to options that are a little more contemporary. If you do want the classic look, the Vin Carafe comes in three different sizes for you to use. The Misura carafes also have a vintage feel and feature a CA certified stamp this is practical as well as adding to the retro style.

For a modern design, the Spieglau Lifestyle carafe is an excellent choice. Made from ultra-clear crystal glass, it offers a premium feel. The linear pattern creates interesting aesthetics, and it is dishwasher safe for convenience in a busy bar or restaurant environment. The Aurum handled carafe is another option to look at for contemporary style. Handmade, this carafe is from renowned glassware brand Bormioli Rocco, and offers a unique and stylish way to serve wines, juice, and water.

It's not only carafes that you can browse through in this glassware selection, however. We also have plenty of glass and plastic jugs that can be used as cocktail pitchers, for water, and other soft drinks. Some of these options are very versatile and can be used in all kinds of catering or hospitality environments. Others might be better suited to places like school canteens or healthcare clinics and hospital wards, such as the Harfield polycarbonate jugs that come in various colours.

There are also several options for glass water bottles for your dining tables or to use behind the bar for spirits, syrups, etc. In addition, you can also find drink dispensers and barrels that can be a convenient way to provide water and other refreshments to your guests, allowing them to help themselves from the bar or buffet.

If you are looking for ways to serve your wines in style, but a carafe doesn't feel right for the kind of experience you're trying to create, then you might be more interested in our wine decanters. While a stylish set of wine glasses will always help improve presentation, flavour, and aroma, a decanter can take this even further. They are perfect for helping to aerate wines and are an ideal addition to high-class dining experiences where fine wines are served to complement exceptional dishes.

Carafes, bottles, decanters, and other options in this range are great for a different approach to serving your wines and other refreshing beverages. They are an excellent choice for adding some character to the dining experience for your customers, so if you do want to enhance your overall presentation, look through these various options to find the best choice for your business.

If you'd like some further information on any of our glassware products or need assistance with something else, please conctact us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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